These places in the world are the most vegetarian-friendly.

24 March 2021

Due to increasing environmental and Sustainability, awareness of a green lifestyle is also on the rise. The vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more popular - not only when it comes to where to live, but also when it comes to travel plans. The Vegetarian Cities Index 2021 Evaluates the affordability and quality of each city's meatless offerings. In the evaluation of the study of nestpick.com the cost of food, the number of restaurants, and the range of lifestyle-related events were taken into account. The index provides insight into the places that best appeal to vegetarians because of their established ecosystems. From a list of 200 cities, they filtered out 75 that are both popular destinations for travel or even relocation, and have a good reputation among vegetarians.

These are the five best cities for vegetarians:



First, the most important factors for vegetarians were considered: Affordable staples such as fruits and vegetables are essential, while plant-based protein is fundamental to a balanced diet. Therefore, the study first looked at the cost of these three food groups, including purchasing parity and relative affordability for local residents. London meets all of these criteria with an overall score of 100.

At the top: London can claim to be the best city for vegetarians in all areas.


Especially in the last 12 months, with the pandemic leading to increased lockdowns, interest in a green lifestyle when it comes to food has skyrocketed. However, even before the pandemic, plant-based restaurants were not only widely available in many major cities, but are even cited as the top-rated eateries in some. Berlin comes in second in the country rankings with a score of 98.79.

The German capital Berlin secures second place with its veggie offerings.


Finally, because the vegetarian community is important to many who may want to move abroad, the study looked at vegetarian festivals to see if a city goes the extra mile for its vegetarian residents and visitors. Munich, the Bavarian capital, scored above average with 97.16 points out of 100, earning third place.

A second German city in the top 3: Munich scores with its diverse green lifestyle offerings.


Just missing out on the top spot is Vienna. With a score of 97, the Austrian capital came fourth in the Vegetarian Cities Index 2021. Omer Kucukdere, founder and CEO of Nestpick knows: "As more and more people want to reduce their meat consumption, cities need to cater to these needs with a diverse vegetarian offering if they want to attract young talent, especially millennials, Gen Z and the even younger generations to come."

In Vienna, the offer for vegetarians is right. Especially the variety of meatless restaurants speak for our capital.


"We hope this index can inspire vegetarians looking to move abroad to choose the right city for their needs, or even offer destination ideas for those looking for the best plant-based gastronomic spots," Omer Kucukdere, founder and CEO of Nestpick continued. Scotland's "working class city" comes in fifth place (96.84) with its green lifestyle offering.

The price-performance ratio is right: In Glasgow you can buy organic products at a reasonable price.

About Nestpick

Nestpick is a real estate platform for furnished apartments. In their brokerage, they have become aware that young people in particular want to make sure that where they live meets their dietary needs. Therefore, they have put together an index that uses data to rank the best cities for vegetarians, on the one hand to help those who want to continue their vegetarian life abroad choose the right city, and on the other hand to show which metropolises take the best care of their vegetarian population.

Picture Credits: Eva Dang/Unsplash, Designerpoint/Pixabay, Daniel Plan/Unsplash, Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum/Unsplash, Charles Postiaux/Unsplash, Adam Marikar/Unsplash

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