These hotels offer a Corona quick test

Many hoteliers offer their guests a Corona quick test upon check-in.

2 December 2020

Corona quick test at hotel check-in: These hotels offer tests for their guests to make their stay as tense as possible.

Hotel Sacher, Vienna

The traditional Hotel Sacher in Vienna's city centre offers its guests two options for a Covid-19 test. On the one hand, a test can be carried out by an external partner or an in-house test. Both are registered via the concierge service of the hotel. For external testing, a completed data sheet is taken to the nearby partner "Mobile Covid Test Service". The result of the throat swab is sent the same day via SMS and costs 100 Euros. With in-house testing, a doctor from the Vienna Medical Center comes directly to the room. Here, too, a throat swab is taken. The result is available within 3 - 6 hours and is sent by e-mail. The costs for this are 250 euros.

Further information www.sacher.com

In cooperation with the Center for Medicine and Health, Corona testing is available directly at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

Boutiquehotel The Harmonie Vienna, Vienna

The boutique hotel The Harmonie Vienna in Vienna is one of the first hotels in this country to offer a Corona quick test for its visitors. Without long waiting times or having to visit a doctor, the test is simply carried out in the room. In collaboration with the Austrian research company Lead Horizon, anyone can thus perform a Covid-19 test themselves and painlessly using gargle solution. The procedure is explained via app and then handed over to the responsible laboratory by the hotel staff. This service costs around 120 euros and is confirmed with a result.

Further information www.harmonie-vienna.at

"We have given a lot of thought to how we can offer our guests a service in these challenging times so that they can enjoy their visit to Vienna or their business meetings in Vienna with a sense of security," explains hotel owner Mag. Sonja Wimmer.

Hotel Aviva, Upper Austria

The Hotel Aviva in St. Stefan, Upper Austria, even goes one step further and offers its guests a free Corona nasal swab. The hotel, known as a singles resort, wants to prevent many of their bookings from being cancelled for fear of infection. Since the employees are also tested weekly, it is hoped that this will make everyone safer. The test result is available in only 15 to 20 minutes. The costs for the quick test are taken over by the hotel, but those who refuse or are tested positive have to stay outside and have to pay for the usual cancellation costs. The good thing: You have the possibility to continue the already booked stay at a later date.

Further information www.hotel-aviva.at


Picture Credits: Hotel Sacher / M. Heinrich - The Harmonie Vienna / Hotel Aviva

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