Es ist eines der ehrgeizigsten Stadterneuerungsprojekte Europas: Die Smart City Ellinikon soll nachhaltiges Wohnen, Leben und Arbeiten an der Küste Athens ermöglichen. Exklusive Einblicke bietet das „Ellinikon Experience Center“.
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Ellinikon: Greece plans "Smart City" on the Coast of Athens

It is one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in Europe: The Smart City Ellinikon is intended to enable sustainable living and working on the coast of Athens. The "Ellinikon Experience Center" offers exclusive insights.

August 12, 2022

10,000 residential units and 75,000 jobs on six million square meters: Greece is currently planning to build a sustainable smart city on the coast of Athens, just twenty minutes from the city center. Lamda Development's major project aims to make the Greek capital an international pioneer in coastal and environmental design, smart living, indoor-outdoor business, and sustainable, low-carbon urban renewal. In addition to upscale residential units, plans also call for the construction of the world's largest coastal park.

Ellinikon: Smart City Küstenstreifen vor Athen

The plans reveal a glamorous coastal strip as part of the sustainable smart city on Athens' coast. © Ellinikon

At the Ellinikon Experience Center, Lamda Development is providing first insights into the project: the world's largest visitor center of its kind includes numerous exhibits that are intended to provide a sneak peek of the new coastal section.

Athens' Coast Gets Smart

The coastal frontage off Athens that will be affected by the rejuvenating conversions comprises three and a half kilometers. Residential and office units with bioclimatic, hybrid architecture, recreational facilities as well as upscale stores and eateries are to be built here. In addition, a two-million-square-meter "smart park" with fifty kilometers of bike and pedestrian paths is also part of the plans. Free wifi access and AR navigation as well as intelligent energy systems are planned for what will be Europe's largest coastal park.

Ellinikon Experience Centre - Model

At the "Experience Center," visitors can see what the coast off Athens will look like in a few years. © Ellinikon

A glimpse into Athens' future: The Ellinikon Experience Center

Those who want to see the Athens of tomorrow now have the opportunity to do so at the Ellinikon Experience Center, about ten kilometers south of Athens: at the former aircraft hangar, five themed areas and 22 impressive exhibits are presented over an area of 4,800 square meters – visitors can, for instance, travel along the planned coastline on board a simulated speedboat or marvel at impressive miniature models.

Exclusive insights into the project are available at 

Ellinikon Experience Centre (3)

Enter and see the future: at the former aircraft hangar, Lamda Development presents the ambitious project. © Ellinikon

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