Terra Solis Tomorrowland Dubai
© Tomorrowland/Terra Solis

Terra Solis: Tomorrowland goes desert

The famous festival will have a branch in the Dubai desert from September 2022 to June 2023.

14 June 2022

Tomorrowland - a name that automatically causes palpitations among music and festival fans. The EDM event, which has been held in Boom, Belgium, since 2005, attracts around 400,000 visitors every year. Surrounded by a fairy-tale-inspired backdrop, international DJs get their hands on the turntables during the festival weekend, which is usually in July. Those who want to snag a ticket, however, have to be quick. Because for the past ten years, these have always sold out within minutes. 

Pool Terra Solis Tomorrowland Wüste
The pool: As always, the centerpiece of Tomorrowland projects. ©Tomorrowland/Terra Solis


Terra Solis: non-festival near Dubai

With the creation of Terra Solis in the dunes of Dubai, discerning EDM fans are now to have "their" place. From September 2022 until June 2023, guests will experience luxury camping on 371,000 square meters. They will stay in accommodations named after constellations: Polaris, Perseids and Orion. Some of the lodges have a private pool and terrace. Of course, all 48 accommodations are exceedingly comfortable; guests should want for nothing. 

Tomorrowland Terra Solis
View of the pool area from the lodge. ©Tomorrowland/Terra Solis

In between sets, you can relax in the shisha lounge, indulge in upscale cuisine in the restaurant, refresh yourself at the pool in the heart of the complex, or find yourself at the bar. But the magical location, just 30 minutes from Dubai Airport, is no festival. It's a place where you can feel good and relax while the DJs let their hottest beats fly around your ears. As a visitor, you either come during the day to chill, to eat, or you simply stay for a few unforgettable days - and nights. Because one thing is guaranteed: experiencing the starry sky above the desert is a festival in itself.

More information & bookings: terrasolisdubai.com

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