10 places in Europe we want to book now for our autumn holiday

Let yourself be inspired.

26 February 2021

Those who have often travelled in autumn already know the advantages. You don't sweat, you can explore the area without hustle and bustle and you save money. In addition, there are the beautiful golden autumn landscapes that stretch across Europe. As soon as travelling is possible again, we are looking forward to an autumnal short holiday. Until then we let ourselves be inspired by the most beautiful places in Europe inspire.


Azores, Portugal

There is much to discover in Portugal. Picturesque cities, endless sandy beaches and the adventurous Azores, which are a paradise especially for sailors. Even in autumn, the archipelago in the Atlantic attracts with pleasant 21 degrees. This is the best way to explore the breathtaking natural landscape, which is criss-crossed by craters, waterfalls and cliffs.


La Gomera, Canary Islands

There are also some adventures to be had on the Canary Islands. The volcanic mountain landscape of La Gomera convinces with spectacular hikes, high cliffs and great nature. The second smallest island of the Canary Islands can be reached by ferry, starting from Tenerife. On La Gomera, travellers will also find beautiful beaches and dreamy villages. With an average autumn temperature of 20 degrees it is definitely bearable.


Paris, France

It is undisputed that Paris is worth a visit at any time of the year. But especially in autumn, the capital of France exudes an irresistible charm. The Seine is lined with colorful trees and the Eiffel Tower offers a spectacular view over the fashion metropolis. In pleasant temperatures, you can enjoy a typical French lunch in one of the many parks.


Málaga, Spain

The Spanish autumn is a little different from ours. While you can still enjoy wonderful beach days in many parts of the country, it gets a bit cooler in the north. Then rather to the Spanish southern tip towards the sun: especially Málaga convinces with a combination of perfect bathing weather and pleasant city walks. The Costa del Sol is also an ideal holiday destination in autumn.


Tuscany, Italy

Autumn vineyards, romantic country houses and plump grapes: it seems as if Tuscany was made purely for the golden autumn. A holiday is therefore highly recommended. The region in central Italy also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine: the cuisine has a peasant tradition with grilled meat and delicious vegetables, add to that wonderful olives and the menu is perfect!


Helsinki, Finland

If you're a fan of autumn, Finland is the place to be. Because the colorful Helsinki convinces with beautiful autumn weather. While you enjoy the warm rays of the sun on your skin during the day, the evening is rounded off with a visit to a typical Finnish sauna. Then it gets really "hygellig": with candlelight, warm drinks and a beautiful view of the water, you plan the next day in one of the many museums.


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia can do much more than be a beautiful holiday destination on the Mediterranean. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a spectacle all year round, but in autumn, when the trees around the lake turn colourful and are reflected in the clear water, a real natural spectacle is created. With its 300 square kilometres, the national park is one of the largest in Europe.


Prague, Czech Republic

Autumn bathes the Czech capital in a golden light. From Charles Bridge you can see the red, yellow and green leaves of the trees, which exude a charm of their own - Prague Castle also offers a spectacular view. Did you know that the Czech Republic is famous for its wine growing region around Prague? So there's no better time than autumn to sample the Czech grapes.


Crete, Greece

Crete is considered one of the warmest islands in Europe. No wonder that it is also a perfect destination in autumn. After all, the sea still has a pleasant temperature of 20 degrees until the beginning of November. If you want to experience some culture, you can visit numerous ancient temples, palaces and monasteries in the birthplace of the Greek father of the gods Zeus without melting. Because at an outside temperature of 25 degrees, you can do your historical sleuthing.


Skane, Sweden

The southernmost region of Sweden is often forgotten. However, this is completely unfounded! Skane has everything you need for an autumn holiday: picturesque villages, a beautiful beach and romantic wineries. The landscape is surrounded by fertile fields, forests and crystal clear lakes. Once known as the stronghold of the Vikings, Skane is now considered an adventurous holiday region.

Picture Credits: Maria e Fernando Cabral / Pixabay, Nici Keil / Pixabay, David Mark / Pixabay, MonicaG60 / Pixabay, indineo / Pixabay, jimmyimi / Pixabay, Jan Blanicky / Pixabay, TeeFarm / Pixabay, Marlene Axelsson / Pixabay

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