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4 dream holiday destinations under two hours flying time

If you want to escape the daily grind quickly, you'll find breathtaking holiday destinations in Europe too!

1 September 2021

Those who long for a dream vacation don't always have to travel far. When holiday plans the most obvious treasures are often overlooked. That's why we have the four most beautiful destinations under a two-hour flight for you here - measured from Vienna Schwechat Airport.

1. Brussels

In just one hour and 45 minutes you can fly from Vienna to Brussels. The city is known as the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. If you go for a walk in the charming city, you won't get around the gigantic atomic sculpture "Atomium", the world famous mini statue "Manneken Pis", which shows a peeing man and the Grote Markt.

But Brussels has a lot more to offer. From great Belgian chocolate at the Chocolate Museum to walks through Jubelpark at sunset, Brussels is the perfect place for a city break!

Brussels is the perfect city to walk around and explore. Credit: Joaquin Aranoa/pixabay; Ernesto Velazquez/pixabay

2. venice

Venice belongs on the to-do list of every travel enthusiast, not only because of the short flight time of one hour and five minutes. Because the city offers not only Italian flair including the best culinary, but also culture of the extra class. Whether it's the festive mood during the carnival season or the architectural highlights during the Biennale: Venice is bursting with events.

But also away from the events Venice offers a variety of extraordinary sights. The Rialto Bridge belongs to every visit, as well as the visit to St. Mark's Square and a ride on the Water Taxi. If you want to have a picture-perfect Venice trip, of course you can't miss a ride in the gondola including gondolier singing. 

If you're in Venice, you should enjoy the panoramic view of the Grand Canal as often as possible. Credit. Gerhard G./pixabay

3. copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the world's fashion capitals and, with a 40-minute flight, is also closer than the fashion metropolis Paris. If you walk through Copenhagen you will be inspired by the latest street style at every corner. But don't worry, there's plenty to see here even for fashionistas.

The checklist includes the world-famous statue "The Little Mermaid" on the waterfront. The Castle Church and the National Museum are also definitely worth a visit. Those who make a trip to Copenhagen should also definitely plan enough time to stroll around. Because the beautiful colorful house fronts are a spectacle in itself. 

Copenhagen boasts colourful houses and beautiful promenades. Credit: ELG21/pixabay; ExplorerBob/pixabay

4. Nice

One hour and 45 minutes separate you from the beautiful beach atmosphere of Nice. Those who long for a leisurely break with cultural flair are in the right place here. Because Nice offers not only a beautiful beach, but also numerous excursion options.

From the castle hill, for example, you have a beautiful panorama of the entire city. Those who plan a longer holiday should definitely take advantage of the public connections in Nice. Because from here you can visit the film city Cannes as well as Monaco in less than an hour and get a wonderful insight into the diversity of southern France.  

Nice is the ideal place to enjoy some French holiday flair. Credit: Prosag-Media/pixabay

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