These are the five healthiest cities in the world

These places have the best quality of life

12 February 2021

Health and well-being are more important than ever in times like these. But a healthy Life is not so simple everywhere. A study now shows which cities promote a balanced and long quality of life.

Vienna is considered the third best city

The online company Lenstore analyzed 44 cities worldwide to find out which are the best for a healthy and happy lifestyle. From the number of hours of sunshine to the average monthly cost of a gym membership, each location was ranked using 10 metrics to evaluate its living environment. Each metric was given a weighted score, which was then used to calculate an overall score out of 100. Of the five healthiest cities in the world, four are in Europe, with Vienna making it to third place.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, making it one of the ten least polluted places in Europe. Amsterdam offers more than 400 outdoor activities that keep you healthy and fit. In general, a good work-life balance can be found throughout the country, which contributes to a happy life.

Amsterdam's happiness level is highest in the survey.

Sydney, Australia

In second place in the global city comparison is Sydney with 406 possible outdoor activities. The life expectancy of 82 years and the many hours of sunshine in the Australian metropolis also earn it second place in the ranking. With its large area and breathtaking natural places, Australia is considered the most beautiful country in the world.

With 2,636 hours of sunshine per year, Sydney attracts many tourists.

Vienna, Austria

Not only can you enjoy famous culture in Vienna, but you can also live a beautiful life. At around €28.31 per month for a gym membership and an obesity rate of 20.1 % (the fifth lowest in Europe), Vienna is the perfect place to lead a healthier life. At 17.33 (out of 100), the pollution level from the air in the capital is four times lower than in Beijing (85.43).

Air pollution in Vienna is the lowest of the 44 cities surveyed.

Stockholm, Sweden

No study without a Scandinavian country! Stockholm stands out with both a good work-life balance and low air pollution. With a total of 1,452 hours worked per year, the Swedish capital ranks fourth. The good air and economic conditions have a positive effect on the general well-being of the citizens.

The city has reduced its CO2 emissions by 25 % per inhabitant since 1990.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The rumour that Danes are the happiest and most content people in Europe is hereby confirmed. Copenhagen has reduced its CO2 emissions by 20 % since 2005, as almost half of the inhabitants travel by bicycle. With 1,380 working hours per year (28.75 per week), the city has the lowest working hours of any city. And with a pollution level of 21.24 (out of 100), the Danish capital is considered the city with the fifth cleanest air.

Looking for the perfect work-life balance? Then Copenhagen is the right destination.

Picture Credits: Javier M/Unsplash, Adrien Olichen/Unsplash, Roy Tack/Unsplash, Jon Flobrant/Unsplash, Dan Freeman/Unsplash, Daniel Plan/Unsplash

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