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2024's Travel Trends

This year, travelers are looking for unforgettable experiences - attending groundbreaking concerts, discovering a colorful underwater world, marveling at the glittering starry sky, standing on top of a volcano or indulging in culinary delights in Italy with a chef in tow. This year, anything's possible.

May 7, 2024


Henley Spiers

The seemingly endless expanse of the oceans, with their legendary beauty and colorful inhabitants, never fails to captivate us. More than ever, however, environmental concerns are influencing our behavior - a travel trend that diving providers are also aware of. The vast majority of people interested in diving therefore want to book exclusively with sustainable providers. They want to ensure that their maritime adventure has no negative impact on nature. With this sharp rise in demand, the number of environmentally friendly resorts on offer is also increasing. Just 20 minutes from Tahiti, the pioneering resort "The Brando" incomparable experiences on the atoll of Tetiaroa. Also the "COMO" resorts are at the forefront when it comes to eco-diving. On the Maldives at "COMO Cocoa Island" and "COMO Maalifushi" you can book excursions with the hotel's own marine biologists and explore the flora and fauna of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

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Since the dawn of mankind, we've been fascinated by the stars and seek our fortune in their signs. However, the more densely populated cities become, the more dim our view of the vastness of the galaxy becomes. This increasing light and air pollution in urban centers is also one of the reasons why astro-tourism is one of the travel trends of 2024. More and more travelers are on the trail of astronomical phenomena, be it special star constellations, rare meteor showers or dazzling northern lights. You can get a particularly clear view at andBEYOND Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, located in the Namibian desert, while the luxurious Amangani in Jackson Hole in the US state of Wyoming is the ideal hideaway to marvel at the annual shooting star shower of the Perseids in late summer. The unique Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland offers visitors a clear view of the Northern Lights between September and March.

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They inspire millions to travel the world to attend one of their sold-out shows - and explore a new city in the process. We're talking about pop stars like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, who broke all records with their world tours in 2023. And the hype continues this year. While Queen Bey has released a new album (and her fans are already saving up for her new tour), Taylor Swift is continuing her gigantic Eras Tour in Japan, Australia and Europe in 2024 - and is even coming to Vienna at the beginning of August. After a successful residency in Las Vegas, Adele has confirmed ten concerts in Munich this August, while teen icon Olivia Rodrigo will lure her young fans to London, Amsterdam and Berlin in spring. The Rolling Stones will be touring the USA throughout the summer and Coldplay will be touring Europe from June to August, making stops in Athens, Dublin, Rome and Vienna.

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Meaningful Travel

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A meaningful journey goes far beyond the boundaries of relaxation and recreation. Rather, it is aimed at personal growth - it's about letting go of fears, broadening one's horizons or creating a deeper connection to oneself. This also includes the silent travel trend, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are now many other experiences that focus on silence, but are far less strict and much more accessible. For example, the idyllic Cabanas no Rio in Comporta, Portugal, invites you to focus on the simple things in life: two wooden huts, the smell of fresh bread and peaceful nature help visitors to come into harmony with themselves. ÀNI Private Resorts on Anguilla, in the Dominican Republic, in Sri Lanka and in Thailand, which combine luxury with authentic experiences, are somewhat more paradisiacal, but no less inspiring.

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Traveling with Chefs

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Exploring the different cuisines of the world and sending your palate on a journey of discovery is a top priority for many globetrotters. Gourmet travel has long been very popular, but innovative providers are constantly coming up with new aces up their sleeves. The latest trend in the culinary segment is curated and private trips with chefs, such as those from Modern Adventure. On their tours, you can taste your way through southern Italy with Elizabeth Falkner, or get to know the flavors of Portugal with Becca Millstein. If you prefer to enjoy a place in a more relaxed way, but don't want to do without a personal chef, The Thinking Traveler is the right place. The incomparable private villas, including those in Sicily, provide their own chefs who prepare authentic, varied meals using high-quality regional ingredients.

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Adventure Travel

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Adventure travelers find their thrills where the altitude increases and the temperatures drop. Round trips through Iceland, Peru or the Congo rainforest are becoming increasingly popular. Providers such as Black Tomato create award-winning experiences for every taste, from introspective solo trips to adrenaline-filled group tours. This year, however, the particularly brave will be pushing their limits further than ever before. For example, excursions to the infamous Drake Strait are booming with luxury cruise providers such as Silversea. Mountaineers have one goal at the top of their bucket list: to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It's an undertaking not to be underestimated, which takes five to nine days and, which on average, only 55 to 65 percent of mountain climbers manage to achieve. However, those who endure the challenging nights in the tents of the camps and make it to the top are rewarded not only with an indescribable view, but also with a new perspective on the world.

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