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Longevity Wellness Trend: Live Better, Longer, and More Beautifully

Longevity is not just a question of age; it's also about the number of healthy years you have. To increase this is the declared aim of longevity programs.

January 24, 2024

More and more high-quality wellness and spa facilities are dedicated to the so called longevity trend. But scientists are also eagerly exploring the question of how people can live longer and are healthier at the same time. This is because longevity is not just about reaching the highest possible age. The desire to live as many healthy years as possible plays a much greater role, both physically and mentally.

Laying the foundations


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In fact, life expectancy has risen significantly since the end of the 19th century. People are getting older and older. 90 or even 100 years of life are no longer a rarity. One of the reasons is advanced medicine. The decline in physically strenuous employment is also having an impact on average life expectancy. The number of years lived has therefore increased significantly. However, if you look at WHO data, it becomes clear: Life expectancy is getting longer, but the number of healthy years is not.

The goal behind the longevity movement is therefore to increase the number of healthy and fit years of life. Or, to put it in the words of Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel:

"Longevity is only desirable if being young is prolonged, but not if being old is prolonged."

Gerontology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cell programming - these are all buzzwords that science is using to track down the mechanisms of ageing. One important finding: Only a quarter of life expectancy is genetically determined. This means that you can do a lot for yourself to increase the number of healthy years you get to live.

Longevity from medicine

Getting involved with longevity at a young age is therefore a good idea. After all, a healthy lifestyle lays the foundation. This includes regular exercise, a balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy things. For example, you should avoid alcohol, sugar, highly processed foods and nicotine consumption. Stress also plays a major role. The latter is actually one of the bigger factors that stand in the way of longevity.

Longevity at Corinthia

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Socializing, social contacts, a nutritious and low-calorie diet and sufficient sleep are some of the reasons that give people from Japan, Greece or Italy more healthy years of life. Medical wellness facilities and spas make use of these findings for their longevity programs.

When age is just a number

In combination with regenerative medicine, which can remove the noticeable traces of previous years of life, facilities are being created that offer their guests an exceptional all-round rejuvenation package. One institution that has recently dedicated itself entirely to the rejuvenation of its guests is the Corinthia London. Thanks to a collaboration with the London Regenerative Institute (LRI), the boundaries of regenerative medicine are being redefined here.


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Guests who care for their longevity with a healthy lifestyle will find everything they need here to not only improve ageing but also to stop and even reverse it. State-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, such as skin analysis, biochemistry and epigenetics tests, 3D body scans and comprehensive lifestyle questionnaires help to find the right procedures for all guests to optimize their vitality.

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In addition to regenerative surgery, which is covered by the renowned Cadogan Clinic , the range of treatments also includes refreshing oxygen therapies, IV treatments, customized nutritional supplements and revolutionary facial rejuvenation techniques, for example with the help of stem cells. The range of aesthetic treatments with skin boosters, Botox, fillers, radio frequency therapy or microneedling rounds off the offer.

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