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From Slow Travelling to Country Coupling

24 February 2020


slow travel

Slow travel means taking your time - time for the really important things when travelling. To focus completely on the destination and to process the impressions in peace. Why not rent a holiday home in France for a week, go to a different market every day, shop there and cook for each other later in the evening? Live like God in France, so to speak.


Solo Travel

Why should you always have to arrange and adapt to your travel partner? Nowadays, travelling is easier and more uncomplicated than ever before. The connections are getting better and thanks to increasing numbers of solo travellers, you can also quickly find a connection at the destination. The only important thing is to completely forget the fear of being alone and get involved in the adventure. You will see, it is worth it!


Sustainable Hotels

The topic of environmental awareness is not only becoming increasingly important in everyday life, but more and more hotels are also focusing on acting sustainably. Meanwhile, all major hotel chains are in the process of completely eliminating single-use plastic in their daily business. Since this topic is a very special concern for us, we present under the heading "Respectful Travelling" very special hotels where you can make a relaxed holiday - without a guilty conscience.


Tiny Trips

More and more people prefer smaller, but more regular trips. It may no longer go once a year for two weeks to Croatia, but instead you treat yourself to several trips a year that are then only a maximum of 3 days long. City trips, girlfriend getaways and wellness weekends pair perfectly with a one-week beach holiday together in the Bahamas.


Country Coupling

"Japan or South Korea? Which is nicer for a trip in spring?", does this conversation sound familiar? Why decide for one country when you can combine both. Sounds crazy? It is! But thanks to our networked times, more and more countries are connected and so it is easy to combine several countries on one trip.

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