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These 5 Wellness Trends From Around the World Provide Enlightening Moments

Whether you crave relaxation, activation or regeneration, these wellness trends are here to stay. What they can do and where to find them.

September 1, 2023

Peoplehood Retreats in New York

For a long time, self-care and me-time were at the top of the list of all wellness trends. However, combined with the pandemic, social distance and restrictions, we have had a clear excess of these in recent years. What we lack are meaningful relationships and other people.

Wellness Trend

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At least that is what studies and observations by psychiatrists, psychotherapists and life coaches suggest. As a countermeasure, so-called peoplehood retreats or social wellness clubs are emerging. Pioneers in this cause were SoulCycle founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice. In their retreats, people meet for 60-minute sessions. In addition to active listening, the program includes storytelling, self-awareness, perspective shifting and Breathwork.

109 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Tel: +1 833-697-7543
Web: peoplehood.com
Price: from € 90 per month

Moon yoga in Qatar

Wellness Trends

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That the moon is a fascinating celestial body, but at the same time has influence on the entire life on earth, is well known. This special energy of the celestial body is felt by everyone who has ever observed it on a clear night. It changes the tides, makes us think, affects our sleep. The gurus at the Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar offer Full Moon Yoga on the beach every full moon now. Then you can let go of everything that weighs you down.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som
Madīnat ash Shamāl, Al Ruwais, Qatar
Tel: +974 4477 6500
Web: zulal.com
Price: Doubles from € 950 incl. Wellness Cuisine Dinner and 1 Wellness Treatment per day (2 nights minimum stay)

Hydrothermal Journeys in Switzerland

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Thermal water provides well-being. We let ourselves fall, feel how everyday life is very far away. At the same time, the warm water has a multiple positive effect on the body. Now, the wellness experts at the Bürgenstock Collection in Switzerland have created three different Hydrothermal Journeys. Depending on the desire (regeneration, activation or relaxation), a combination of water and heat or cold is put together for this after a personal preliminary discussion. The guests can then go at their own pace on a self-guided wellness journey.

Buergenstock Alpine Spa
Resort Lake Lucerne, Bürgenstock 17, 6363 Obbürgen, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 612 60 00
Web: buergenstockresort.com
Price: Doubles from € 900

Breathing Retreat in Greece

Wellness Trends

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One would like to think that there is actually nothing easier than to breathe. But in fact, most of us do it wrong. We usually breathe too shallowly and too short. Correct breathing involves the entire abdominal and chest area. You breathe out longer than you breathe in. This improves your memory, sleep and mood. The Pnoé Breathing Life resort in Crete is fully dedicated to wellness and proper breathing techniques in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

Pnoé Breathing Life
Karteros Beach, Heraklion 715 00, Greece
Web: pnoe-breathinglife.com
Tel: +30 2810 000990
Price: Doubles from € 460

Psammotherapy from Egypt


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Cleopatra is said to have sworn by the treatment with Psammon (=sand). She not only bathed in milk, but also had herself covered with up to 50 degrees of warm sand. The knowledge of this form of therapy is currently experiencing a renaissance. No wonder, after all, the weight of the sand relaxes the body, its warmth promotes blood circulation, and tension and let's pain subside. In sports medicine, neurology and gynecology, people are increasingly swearing by, what is perhaps the oldest of the wellness trends, psammotherapy.

Nova Maldives
Dhangethi, Maldives
Tel: +960 668 8777
Web: nova-maldives.com
Price: Doubles all-inclusive from € 470

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