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4 Places Where You Can Enjoy the Blooming Lavender Fields

Provence is known for its purple colors, but there are also spots outside of France where you can enjoy lavender season. We reveal the four best spots.

April 28, 2023

Tuscany, Italy

When you think of the wonderfully fragrant lavender, after Provence you are most likely to see Tuscany in your mind's eye. The region in central Italy is known for its diverse nature with its olive groves, vineyards and grass-green columnar cypresses. But if you're lucky, you'll also pass purple flowering fields on a trip. Here, lavender is also very popular in the Mediterranean area, especially in the valleys of the Pisan hills between Casciana Alta, Castellina Marittima, Pieve die Santa Luce and Orciano Pisano. The sustainable cultivation is based on the production of essential oils here. A trip to the valley of fragrances is mandatory for true lavender fans.

Piedmont, Italy

If you travel to Piedmont and want to see lavender fields, you should go to the Stura Valley. The small town of Demonte is the perfect starting point for a trip through the beautiful purple landscape. In the surrounding nature, lavender has always been one of the most important economic resources. Between Borgo San Dalmazzo and Colle della Maddalena, the best view is from the state road 21. The municipalities of Valdieri and Sale San Giovanni in the province of Cuneo greatly value their lavender flowering as well. 

East Westphalia, Germany

Beautiful East Westphalia is known for its castles, fortresses, the Eggegebirge mountains - and the largest lavender field in Germany. Not far from Bielefeld, between the small towns of Detmold and Lage, the 5 hectares Petit Provence is located on the company grounds of a natural fragrance manufactory. A specially created photo spot prevents the field from being overrun by tourists and the plants from being damaged. In a specially prepared fragrance garden, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers, and a café offers delicious specialties. 

Styria, Austria



Styria is Mediterranean: narrow roads wind through the vineyards, there's a wonderful smell everywhere and the mild air is reminiscent of a vacation in the south. Here and there, wine taverns invite you to stop for a bite to eat. What better place to grow lavender than the southeastern part of Austria? In Bad Waltersdorf, the lavender estate with lush fields of lavender invites you to explore, and essential oil is extracted in the in-house manufactory. The organic farm Wunsum in Sausal has also made a business out of the fragrant flowers. The largest lavender fields in Styria are located here.

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