On these unique beaches you can see great animals

On these 5 beaches you are close to nature and animals. From flamingos to cows to pigs - here you sunbathe with animal companions.

15 April 2021

The sight of seagulls, crabs, fish or other beach-typical animals is not uncommon when spending a day at the beach. But it's a different story with flamingos, pigs or cows. While we usually only see these animals in zoos or on farms, in South Africa or the Bahamas they are encountered almost without exception and make a vacation by the sea simply unforgettable.

Here you will find five Dream beacheswhere extraordinary animals make your day.

Monkeys at Monkey Beach, Thailand

As if Thailand with its gorgeous beaches and islands not already a dream come true, it's quite possible that you'll get it on with a few animal visitors while relaxing in the white sand. The Koh Phi Phi islands are known for their numerous little monkeys that also want to sunbathe. Especially Monkey Beach is, as the name suggests, a hotspot for the funny fellows. Between crystal clear water, imposing rock formations and a lush natural landscape, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the animals in peace and quiet. But beware: the monkeys are not exactly shy of people and can sometimes get cheeky, stealing valuables or food from vacationers.

The Monkey Beach is a special highlight of every Thailand vacation.

Flamingos at Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Also the Caribbean is a destination that everyone should have on their bucket list. Turquoise waters reflecting the sun's brilliant rays, miles of sandy beaches and complete tranquility: that's what makes up the Caribbean lifestyle. Topping off the summer feeling are beautiful, large palm trees and a few unusual visitors: Flamingos. At Flamingo Beach on Aruba, it's not uncommon to see a group of pink flamingos stroll by and cool their slender feet in the water before resting in the shade. An experience that you probably won't forget again so quickly.

The elegant flamingos love to stroll across Flamingo Beach on Aruba.

Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa

When we think of South Africa, adventurous safaris, stunning national parks and wildlife often come to mind. But the country has so much more to offer. Because the countless dream beaches also give an insight into the exotic animal world. But instead of lions and gazelles, there are rather smaller species. At Boulders Beach, very close to Simonstown, you can meet African black-eyed penguins. Especially in July and August, the animals provide spectacular moments, when whole flocks of penguins share the beautiful coastline with tourists.

The friendly penguins are welcome guests at Boulders Beach in South Africa.

Cows at Palolem Beach, India

Somewhat larger calibers can be found in India. There you can enjoy a day at the beach in the best animal company: with cows. The animals are considered sacred in India and relax on Palolem Beach in Goa together with the people. There is no need to fear the big horned beasts, as they are considered to be particularly peaceful. No wonder, with the paradisiacal view that the west coast of India offers. Especially the sunset attracts the cows and invites you to end the evening together on the beach.

Palolem Beach in India invites you to spend the day on the beach together with cows.

Pigs at Pig Beach in the Bahamas

Probably the most famous beach where unusual animals can be found is Pig Beach on the island of Big Major Cay. Because the fuzzy pigs feel at home on the Bahamas like a million bucks. You can't blame them, because they love the dreamlike sea and the pleasantly warm sun just as much as the countless visitors who often arrive especially to meet their animal companions. For the pigs, it's a win-win situation, because they like to live in the company of enthusiastic people and are happy to be spoiled with leftover bread or other delicacies.

Pig Beach in the Bahamas is particularly well known.

Picture Credits: Nici Keil / Pixabay, TeeFarm / Pixabay, peterjamesanthony / Pixabay, AlkeMade / Pixabay, Paul Nicolson / Pixabay 

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