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Ask a frequent traveler: Martin Brudnizki

The design world can't get enough of this Swedish interior designer who creates lavish interiors for celebrated brands, hoteliers and restaurateurs. His latest coup: the hotel La Fantaisie in Paris. In this interview, he reveals what constitutes his unmistakable style as weil as what currently tops his bucket list.

March 26, 2024

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Martin Brudnizki is one of the most sought-after interior and product designers of our time. We met him to discuss his thoughts on travel, his favorite countries to visit and what makes a good hotel.

Which of your projects has been the most important to you so far?
"Scott's" in London was our first big break in the gourmet scene; the "Soho Beach House" in Miami helped us establish the brand in the US market and "The Beekman" was our first New York hotel. But it was "Annabel's" in London that marked a true turning point. The iconic members' club allowed us to push the boundaries of design and launched us on the world stage.

What inspired your design for the La Fantaisie hotel in Paris, which opened this past summer?
The sumptuous escape into botany was sparked by the hotel's idyllic secret garden – a rare jewel in Paris and a haven of green in the heart of South Pigalle. Each floor of the hotel represents a perennial garden, where the floral motifs become more elaborate and the nature-inspired color palette tells a story.


What's typically Brudnizki about La Fantaisie?
We design spaces that convey a sense of escapism and evoke an emotional response like excitement, nostalgia or relaxation. I love it when an interior stimulates the imagination and creates a place where you can feel calm and collected. A design should create a haven in which guests can escape the hustle and bust!e of everyday life and be relaxed and happy.

What do you think makes a good hotel?
From a design perspective, the hotel must blend harmoniously into its surroundings.
Any project of ours should look as if it has always been there and is part of the location's history. Guests are looking for an authentic experience and a feeling of belonging.

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Do you have a favorite hotel?
I very much admired the "Splendido, A Belmond Hotel" in Portofino even before I had the opportunity to work with Belmond. It has the most incredible views and embodies the essence of relaxed luxury in a fascinating location.

Where do you particularly like to travel?
I love Italy, and although I've visited the country many times, I never tire of the Italian landscape. There are so many things to discover, from the Renaissance architecture of Tuscany to picturesque and enchanting Liguria. This summer, I visited Portofino and Florence and wish I could have explored more of the historic gardens there.

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Which trip do you think back to most fondly?
In February, I went on a Nile cruise with friends where we explored ancient Egyptian sites – that was very special. It was an awe-inspiring journey that left a big impression. I'll never forget it.

What's at the top of your bucket Iist right now?
l've always wanted to travel to the wine regions of South Africa. It's a part of the world I rarely get to visit, which makes it all the more appealing.

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2023/24.

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