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Athens: The insider tips from Sotiris Kontizas

Chef Sotiris Kontizas, known for the successful Greek-Japanese restaurant Nolan, is literally the talk of Athens: these are his insider tips for the capital of Greece.

14 June 2022

Chef Sotiris Kontizas' Greek-Japanese restaurant Nolan is literally the talk of Athens. The inventive meals served to guests here in a relaxed atmosphere have made the culinary pioneer known throughout Greece. He has recently expanded his portfolio with Proveleggios, an urban fine-dining restaurant, and the opening of Sweet Nolan. The smart chef, who regularly appears on television, has not let his success go to his head.


Name: Sotiris Kontizas
Profession: Chef de Cuisine and TV chef
Lives in: Athens

Your father is Greek, your mother is Japanese, and you were born and raised in Athens. Where does your passion for cooking come from?
I have always loved good food - and I was practically born into both Greek and Japanese cuisine, so it was only logical that I would combine the two directions at some point.

Sotiris Kontizas is a native of Athens - and knows the city like the back of his hand. © iStock

You run three successful restaurants - do you still find time to eat out yourself? And if so, where do you prefer to go?
I often eat out; I decide where according to what I'm in the mood for. The best sashimi is at Sushimou, Smash 'n Bun has fantastic burgers, and when I have a little more time, I go to Phita for pasta.

Which Greek classic do you recommend?
Definitely Souflaki - you can get it practically everywhere in Athens, but you'll find the best at O Kostas.

Where else do people meet you in your spare time?
In the morning I like to take a walk and treat myself to a croissant from Overoll. In the evening I like to drink Negronis at Pairidaeza or meet friends for wine and cheese at Materia Prima. I love good food!

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Inventive meals are served to Athens diners in a relaxed atmosphere. ©iStock, Unsplash/Marco Montero Pisani

Text: Michaela Hessenberger, Philipp Rossmann and Heidi Rietsch

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Spring 2022.

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