schönsten spots auf madeira
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Camera Ready: The most beautiful spots on Madeira

Madeira regularly amazes visitors with its picturesque landscapes, villages and gardens. If you're looking for Instagram worthy shots, don't miss the island's most beautiful spots.

31 May 2022

Ponta de São Lourenço

The volcanic cliffs of the Cape rise majestically from the Atlantic Ocean. © Shutterstock

The easternmost tip of the island is a true dream for hikers. Since 1982, the cape of volcanic origin is a nature reserve. It consists of dark trachyte and light or reddish tuff and is covered with grasses, succulents and various endemic plants. The steep cliffs in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are a majestic sight that reminds us just how magnificent the nature of this planet is.

Casas Típicas de Santana

schönsten spots auf madeira

The fairy-tale farmhouses in Santana are the island's landmark. © Shutterstock

This delightful little town on Madeira's north coast is famous for its traditional thatched farmhouses. The triangle shaped cottages are often brightly painted and well preserved. Today, most of them stand empty, but attract masses of visitors who admire the picture-perfect scenery.

Monte Palace

 Chinese-style pavilions and a wonderful bridge over a pond with goldfish. Lovely park on the island of Madeira -  Monte Palace Tropical Garden

One of the most famous and beautiful spots in Madeira: Monte Palace Garden © Shutterstock

The tropical garden in the capital Funchal houses a collection of exotic plants from all over the world on more than 70,000 square meters. Birds - such as swans, ducks, peacocks and chickens - also live here enjoying pure freedom, the lakes and ponds. The museum in the upper part of the garden displays modern sculptures from Zimbabwe as well as minerals. Furthermore, numerous tile paintings on ceramic tiles, so-called Azulejos, and Japanese garden elements are exhibited.

Porto Moniz

porto moniz

The view of the small harbor village is pure idyll. © Shutterstock

The small village in the northwest of the island is known for its naturally formed swimming pools in the volcanic rock, for which locals, as well as visitors, travel from far and near. In the past Porto Moniz was a place of whaling and fishing, but today the small village lives primarily from viticulture and tourism.

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Jardim Botânico

jardim botânico

Wonders of nature as far as the eye can see. © Shutterstock

Besides the Monte Palace, the capital Funchal offers many other wonderful attractions. The botanical garden is another work of art that must be seen to understand its beauty. Furthermore, you can arrive by cable car and enjoy the breathtaking view over the city.

Ponta do Sol

ponta do sol madeira

Cape of the Sun: the small town in the southwest sprawls over the green cliffs. © Shutterstock

The small town has been populated since 1425 and used to be a centre of sugar cane cultivation. Today it hosts the internationally renowned Digital Music and Sound Art Festival, MADEIRADiG, as well as the Micro Film Festival, MMiFF . Ponta do Sol also has some historic buildings, which are protected monuments.

Pico do Arieiro

schönsten spots in madeira

Hiking up here feels like you've scaled the world. © Shutterstock

Some things are worth getting up extra early for. If you take on the hike up the island's third-highest mountain at dawn, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views over Porto Santo at the top. Here, you're practically floating above the clouds, enjoying the warm rays of the sun and the endless expanses of Madeira.

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Jardim do Mar

schönsten spots auf madeira

Never has a sunset looked more peaceful. © Shutterstock

The idyllic place on a tongue of the sea has just over 200 inhabitants but impresses with its charm. Those who take on the unspeakably winding road (or simply arrive by boat) will be rewarded with paradisiacal beaches. There is hardly a better place to practice the art of doing nothing and to enjoy the unspoiled nature of Madeira in all its beauty.

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