Trip nach Mykonos
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Five reasons why you should go to Mykonos right now

The beautiful Cycladic island with its windmills and gleaming white houses is so much more than just a party destination. Here's why you should plan a trip immediately.

July 31, 2022

1. photo motifs on every corner


Trip nach MykonosIn Mykonos, every alley, no matter how inconspicuous, is a postcard motif. If you want to experience the old town this empty, get up at the crack of dawn or plan a trip during off-season. © Shutterstock

Narrow stone streets, gleaming whitewashed houses, and the dark blue sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea: Mykonos is an Instagram hotspot. Pretty chapels, the famous windmills, and the Palea Chora (Old Town) are among the most photographed places in Greece. Especially magical at sunset: the 15th-century church of Panagia Paraportiani. From the high road leading from Tourlos towards Armenistis, there are particularly beautiful views of Mykonos Town. If'd you like to have this idyll to yourself, you should schedule your trip to Mykonos during off-season. Or get up particularly early.


2. unusual relaxation


Kensho Cave SpaThe Kenshō boutique hotel beckons with beautiful suites, breathtaking panoramic views, and a spa set in a cave. © Kenshō 

Wellness in a cave – you don't find that everyday. Unless you're in Mykonos, more precisely at the Cave Spa of the luxurious KENSHŌ Ornos boutique hotel. The spa's unique and ornate design will have you convinced you're in a real cave. Treatments focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. There's also a hammam, hot tubs, tropical rain loungers, and comprehensive spa packages. The Spa at Koukoumi Hotel is exceptional as well. Just like the rest of the hotel, it's completely vegan. You won't find a honey massage here, just as there are no real sponges for scrubs. Of course, the products used are certified vegan and organic.


3. paradise for active travelers


LeuchtturmOutdoor enthusiasts can easily explore the island on foot and come across gorgeous views time and time again. © Aris Sfakianakis

A trip to Mykonos doesn't always have to be about DJ vibes and partying. You have plenty of opportunity to get active on the island. The extraordinary landscape, consisting of sandy paths, gentle hills and rugged rocks, is ideal for hiking and biking tours. Of course, you'll find ample chance to engage in water sports. Golf loving guests at Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, will find lots of green and the white and blue island.


4. greek wine


Trip nach MykonosWhite and blue as far as the eye can see: it's hard to get enough of the island's natural beauty. © Hello Lightbulb

The much-vaunted liquid is in a class of its own - there's no doubt about that. In every Greek taverna, no matter how small, the juice of the vine is on the table. But local wine, i.e. wine from the island, is rare. The organic winery Vioma is in fact the only wine producer on Mykonos. It's worthwhile to stop by to enjoy the views of the fertile plain, a glass of wine and some snacks on a terrace. By appointment, you can participate in a tasting.


5. luxury and lifestyle


Trip nach MykonosFamilies, backpackers, celebrities, party girls and those seeking peace and quiet are all equally at home in Mykonos. © Shutterstock

Mykonos is an island that's not just famous for its natural beauty, it's a hotspot for concerning travelers that admire its numerous luxurious hotels as well. There's also an infinite variety of shopping options. What makes the island so special is that it's welcoming to everyone: no matter your sexual orientation, gender, lifestyle, age or income – none of that matters in Mykonos. From backpackers and families to celebrities and party girls, everyone strolls through the narrow streets of Mykonos with the same spring in their step.

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