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The 10 Best Coffee Houses for Nostalgic Moments in Vienna

Whether it's a Kaisermelange or an Einspänner: here are the 10 most authentic café addresses for good coffee & Viennese Schmäh.

January 30, 2023

Café Schwarzenberg

Carinthian Ring 17, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.:  +43 (1) 5128998

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Café Schwarzenberg has always been a place where enthusiastic fans of Viennese coffeehouse culture come together to enjoy classic coffee specialties. This is accompanied by the finest pastries and classic dishes of Viennese cuisine. Café Schwarzenberg shaped the historic Viennese coffeehouse culture and even today the authentic portion of Schmäh is served with the ordered Melange or Einspänner. 

Café Landmann

University Ring 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (1) 24100120

Café Landtmann

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Located directly on the Ring, Café Landtmann is a coffee institution. No matter whether it's politicians, Vienna locals or hungry children with their grandparents after school, in this coffeehouse everyone appreciates the unique quality of the patisserie and cuisine. Above all, the spacious terrace and guest garden attract an eclectic audience to relax and enjoy.

Café Diglas in the Wollzeile

Wollzeile 10, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 (1) 5125765

Café Diglas in der Wollzeile

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Stepping into Café Diglas on Wollzeile is like traveling back in time. The antique interior paired with extravagant details draws every guest into the coziness of Viennese tradition. On the menu are Viennese feel-good dishes, delicious desserts and coffee from in-house roasting. 

Café Sacher

Philharmonic Street 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 (1) 514560

Original Sacher Torte

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Sacher cake belongs to Vienna like the Ferris wheel belongs to the Prater. Anyone who wants to follow the Sacher Torte to its origins will sooner or later end up at Café Sacher in Vienna. Every visit is a unique experience full of elegance and quality.  

Café Engländer

Postgasse 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel.:  +43 (1) 9668665

The velvet-covered seating areas of Café Engländer are popular meeting places for quick business lunches, for proud newspaper readers and nostalgic wanderers in search of a cup of coffee. In addition to the classic Viennese breakfast, there is also an extensive English breakfast on the menu - including baked beans, bacon and sausages.

Café basket

Fireplace 9, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 (1) 5337215

Café Korb

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With its 60s flair, Café Korb is an institution in Viennese coffeehouse culture as well as in the art scene. A non-conformist house, which is always worth a visit! For hungry visitors, true classics are also on the menu here, from ham roll and deviled eggs, salty anchovy or Tafelspitz sandwiches to sweet temptations of Viennese cuisine. 

K.u.K Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel

Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 (1) 53517170

K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel

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Even Empress Sissi was a fan of the centuries-old confectioner. At Café Demel, guests can expect craftsmanship at the highest level, perfected in artful masterpieces of upscale patisserie. Those who would like to catch a closer glimpse behind the scenes can do so through the shop window inside the café. A mecca for those with a sweet tooth! However, if you're pressed for time, you can also have the delicious Kaiserschmarrn to-go from the booth outside of the Café at Kohlmarkt. 

Spa confectionery OBERLAA | Dommayer

Dommayergasse 1/Auhofstraße 2, 1130 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (1) 87754650

Café Oberlaa / Dommayer

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The Oberlaa confectionery merged with the traditional Vienna staple Dommayer in Vienna's 13th district. Whether breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack, the café scores, in addition to its wide selection of delicacies of all kinds, with its cozy guest garden, very close to Schönbrunn Palace.  

Café Central

Corner of Herrengasse/Strauchgasse, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (1) 533376361
Web: cafecentral.vienna

Café Central Wien Panorama

© Café Central Vienna

The traditional Café Central, located at Palais Ferstel, looks back on over 130 years of coffeehouse history. Here, guests get to enjoy culinary creations from the kitchen and bakery. 

Café Weimar

Währinger Strasse 68, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (1) 3171206

Tradition and trend are not a contradiction here, but ideal complements for a successful ambience. Classic favorites of Viennese cuisine are spiced up here with innovative creations. The classic mocha, for example, is followed by a white chocolate mocha with reduced-fat milk, and the answer to the Viennese breakfast here includes spicy shakshuka and fresh bagels.



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