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User Favorites: The Most Popular Airbnbs on Instagram

Some hotels, villas and vacation rentals are just so beautiful that they earn like after like on Instagram. What were the most popular Airbnbs on Instagram last year and what makes them so charming:

February 25, 2022

Airbnb has become one of the best-known booking platforms in recent years for those looking for individual accommodation away from large hotel chains. The fact that breathtakingly beautiful pearls can always be found among the rental properties on offer is also no longer a secret. Anyone who regularly browses through the Airbnb Instagram account , can convince themselves of this fact with their own eyes. The most popular Airbnbs in the previous year, measured by the number of likes on the Instagram account, are impressive examples of cool living away from home - and from a hotel.


Rank 10: Historic Guesthouse and Gardens

Marietta/Georgia, USA

Formerly a smokehouse, now a guesthouse. © @theoakmontguesthouse

Surrounded by a beautiful garden and under towering oaks, guests enjoy their morning coffee here. The small building next to the pool, reminiscent of a glass house, is framed by fragrant magnolias. It is part of an estate that once housed two governors. The bedroom was a smokehouse in the 1840s. There is little to remind us of it today.

Historic Guesthouse & Gardens
Marietta, Georgia/USA
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Rank 9: Hermosa Cabaña

Mineral del Chico/Hidalgo, Mexico

The name says it all: the cabana is indeed muy hermosa. © @tinygrinhouse

This beautiful boutique cabin in the middle of the forest wows among the most popular Airbnbs on Instagram with its location. It's just 10 minutes to Mineral del Chico and Real del Monte. And yet, here you can enjoy a unique stay away from stress. Surrounded by nothing but forest. 

Hermosa Cabaña
Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo, Mexico
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Rank 8: Maison Lafleur

Le Vignau, France

Live in a renovated farmhouse from the 18th century: Airbnb makes it possible. © @philipp_franke26

The farmhouse from the 18th century was renovated from scratch by the hosts a few years ago. Now it offers space for eight to ten people. And the feeling here is French through and through. Savoire vivre, the good life. Outside, a private heated pool awaits guests.

Maison Lafleur
Le Vignau, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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Rank 7: Mariner Boathouse

Belgrade, Serbia

House or boat? Houseboat! © @tjbetrippin

The confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers is one of the landmarks of Belgrade. And this is exactly where the brand new houseboat is located in a relaxed neighborhood. Situated on Ada Ciganlija, a former island on the Sava, it's a great place to relax. In addition to a 7-kilometer-long beach, there are 40 restaurants in the area.

Mariner Boathouse
Belgrade, Serbia
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Rank 6: Villa Amalfi

Tulum, Mexico

Is called Amalfi, is located in Tulum, is a dream: this Airbnb with private pool. © @villaamalfitulum

Tulum is one of the Places to Be in 2022, and travelers can look forward to many great Restaurants, Shops and Things to Do . And to Villa Amalfi. It, too, is one of the most popular Airbnbs on Instagram. Its highlights: clean lines, open spaces, large windows. You almost have the feeling of living outdoors. Energy-efficient power supply, kitchen and pool included.

Villa Amalfi
Tulum, Mexico
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Rank 5: The Woodlands House

Sandy/Oregon, USA

Surrounded by a private forest, you can enjoy absolute tranquility. © @travelwitheresa

High ceilings, a wood-burning stove, terraces: the chalet scores with coziness in Scandi style. The main terrace overlooks the small river. And on a second one, the tall pine trees of the private forest dominate the panorama. Here you relax in the whirlpool and enjoy the fact that there is hardly any internet reception.

The Woodlands House
Sandy/Oregon, USA
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Rank 4: The Kingdom A-frame

Burke/Vermont, USA

Perfectly located for hiking and biking adventures. © @cfunk44

Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts have come to the right place at this enchanting A-Frame. The cottage is located just minutes from the Kingdom Trails, Burke Mountain and Lake Willoughby. It offers plenty of privacy, three bedrooms, a firepit, kitchen and everything else you could need. In the summer, there's hiking and biking. And in the winter, the Burke Mountain ski resort is not far away.

The Kingdom A-frame
Sandy/Vancouver, USA
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Rank 3: Crow's Nest

Monte Rio/California, USA

It seems to have grown almost organically. Like a bird's nest. © @tworiversretreats

The Crow's Nest is located high in the redwoods of Monte Rio. That you have a wonderful view from so high up is obvious. In this case, it falls on the old growth forests that surround the property. Lots of windows and doors give the cottage a sort of airy design. One of the highlights is the hot tub a few steps from the house.

Crow's Nest
Monte Rio/California, USA
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Rank 2: Raven Rock Treehouse

Fletcher/North Carolina, USA

It doesn't get much closer to nature than this. © @toddalanbreland

This accommodation is just right for adventurers and nature lovers. Because who sleeps here, says goodbye to civilization. At least that's how it feels. The Raven Rock Treehouse is surrounded by 16 hectares of wilderness. Nevertheless, there are stores, hiking trails, wineries and several dining spots nearby. You can only get to the treehouse by four-wheel drive, and even in terms of bathrooms and toilets, you're far from luxurious. But that's exactly what makes the tree house so exciting in times of plenty.

Raven Rock Treehouse
Fletcher/North Carolina, USA
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Rank 1: Zion EcoCabin

Hilldale/Utah, USA

Tinyhouse and Big Mountains: this is the most popular Airbnb on Instagram. © @ethanabitz

The most popular Airbnb on the company's Instagram profile in 2021 was the Zion EcoCabin. It offers wonderful views of the panorama of the Zion Mountains. The glamping spot is wonderful for a romantic stay with the person of your heart. The EcoLodge is in a secluded location. However, it is not far from restaurants and small supermarkets. Fireplace, air conditioning and hot tub included.

Zion EcoCabin
Hildale/Utah, USA
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