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The most beautiful places in Corsica

These are the things not to be missed on the French Mediterranean island!

29 June 2021

In Corsica, many spectacular and different landscapes come together. All combined, it is a holiday paradise where everyone can find what they are looking for. The Mediterranean island offers dream beaches, mountain landscapes and fairytale villages that can't wait to be discovered.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful places in Corsica.

Best of Hotels

Those who want to explore the island in its full splendour should take a lot of time for this and relax in one of the dreamlike hotels.

Cala D'Istria

Tel: +44 20 7377 8518

A spacious area that slopes down to the sea and has its own access to the beach. A heated infinity pool where you feel like swimming into infinity. Five bedrooms that offer retreat, but enough shared living space indoors as well as outdoors where you can enjoy the dolce farniente together. A lovingly curated interior that is so stylish and sophisticated you'll want to move right in. The villa "Cala d'Istria" plays all these pieces and more.

In the villa "Cala d'Istria" you can immerse yourself in the Corsican way of life.

From chef to piano to kayak, everything your heart desires is there. The Thinking Travellers ensures that this is the case: The villa provider has over 200 carefully selected holiday villas in its portfolio - from noble residences to design residences - and is considered the first address for renting luxurious houses in the Mediterranean region with award-winning service. Tip: Situated on the south coast of Corsica, just over 20 km northwest of Bonifacio, the villa is the ideal base for numerous excursions, such as to the Plateau du Coscione, a beautiful flatland full of wild animals. Price per week from € 5980

Grand Hôtel De Cala Rossa & Spa

Cala Rossa, 20137 Lecci, Corsica, France
Tel: +33 4 95 71 61 51

Located directly in a sheltered bay in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, with an excellent beach restaurant and embedded in a pine forest whose scent fills the air with summer, the "Grand Hôtel" convinces with a picturesque location that can hardly be surpassed. But it is not only in the landscape that you can lose yourself, but also in the lovingly designed rooms, which have a somewhat Hobbit-like effect with their curves. This fairy-tale character fits perfectly to the surroundings and the hospitality of the house, and due to these circumstances, it is not surprising that the hotel is very popular especially with honeymooners. This is probably also due to the fact that the hotel is of a manageable size and one can playfully retreat in the garden or the relaxation rooms.

The luxury hotel is a highlight in itself!

The spa is one of the latter, and although it's small, it's full of particularly loving rituals. The garden itself is also home to organic beets, whose herbs enrich the Michelin award-winning cuisine of the house and reflect the diversity of Corsica's products. Especially nature-loving guests are recommended to spend the night in the tree house: the furnishings are a bit more rustic, but the terrace overlooks the pine forest all the way to the sea. Double room from € 195,- per person.

Best beaches

As diverse and partly rough as the Corsican landscape may be, there are countless dream beaches hidden on the island. Here you will find a small selection.

Saleccia and Loto

These two beaches are located in the northwest in the Désert des Agriates. They can only be reached by sea - yachts, boats and kayaks moor here side by side.

Santa Giulia and Palombaggia

The most famous beaches of the island have a good infrastructure, but are also often crowded in high summer. Those who arrive in September will be surprised with a tropical paradise!

Sperone beaches

These two picturesque bathing bays entice with deep clear water and powdery sand, but they can only be reached on foot.

Îles Lavezzi

The small islands are located in front of Bonifacio and are under nature protection, the beaches are accordingly beautiful. However, you have to do without shade and food here.

In Corsica, one finds numerous dream beaches.

Best specialties

It's no secret that French cuisine is among the best in the world. But Corsica also hides one or two specialties that you won't forget in a hurry.

Wild boar stew

Many a hard-boiled vegetarian has gone weak at the knees with this meal, knowing that the wild boar have a truly wonderful life here - and you can taste it too! But above all, the spices of the macchia such as laurel, rosemary and thyme, which the pigs like to nibble, are also delicious.


The cheese specialties are numerous on the island, but what you must try is the Brocciu. The writer Émile Bergerat wrote at the end of the 19th century that "if you haven't tasted it, you don't know the island". The fresh cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk is the Corsican cheese par excellence, tastes creamy and mild and is often combined with other "national dishes" such as Fiadone, a local cheesecake. Tip: Best enjoyed iced in the height of summer!

Figatellu Di Corsica and Lonzu

The Figatellu dry sausage, made from meat and pork liver, is seasoned with spices, garlic and even red wine. The Lonzu is also a pork sausage, but very lean and can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Corsican chestnut soup

Chestnut flour is the basis for numerous dishes such as the pulenda, the chestnut flour polenta, but also for the chestnut soup. Conclusion: soul food! However, if you are more inclined towards the humid pleasure, you should definitely try the chestnut beer.

Corsican specialities include wild boar stew.

Best insider tip

Mass tourism is generally a foreign word on Corsica. However, if you are looking for even more privacy and tranquility, you should take a closer look at the following insider tip.

Fango Delta

Delta du Fango, 20245 Galéria, Corsica, France

The natural pools of Corsica are well known and also enjoy great popularity. Less famous, because it is a bit off the beaten track, but no less spectacular is the Fango Delta near Galéria between Calvi and Porto. This nature reserve is home to turtles, which you can watch sunbathing in the wild, or dragonflies and rare birds, which go about their daily business just above the surface of the water. Since you can only get to know the delta by canoe, you are very close to this natural spectacle. The floodplains are densely overgrown, shoals of fish pass by in the crystal-clear water below and you can hear the surf roaring in the distance. Tip: The early bird catches the worm - this is also true in the Fango Delta! At € 6,- per person and hour.

The Fango Delta is one of the true insider tips on Corsica.

Credit: Moirenc Camille, Cala d'Istria, Getty Images, Rainer Mirau /, mauritius images / Alamy / blickwinkel/Roye

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