Pioneers of Medical Hotels: the Chenot Group and George Gaitanos

A portrait of the COO & Scientific Director of the Chenot Group George Gaitanos.

18 February 2020

Dr. George Gaitanos, the Chief Operating Officer as well as Scientific Director of Chenot Group, states, "We are in good health when our body, mind and spirit are in harmony, giving us a sense of peace and happiness. However, when that harmony breaks down or is absent, damage accumulates in our bodies faster than it should." His research on muscle metabolism and fatigue has been published in numerous medical journals.

Dr. George Gaitanos studied at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. "At a young age, as a professional athlete, I realised the malleability of the human body and its potential. It was an obvious step to focus on this area in my studies, it led me to where I am now. I do what I'm interested in." He trained as an exercise physiologist, is a physical therapist and a certified acupuncturist with over 23 years of experience in health promotion and disease prevention.

It was and still is our conviction: Prevention is better than cure.

With nearly 50 years of research and experience, Chenot Group is known as a leader in the lifestyle medicine field. Over the years, Chenot has developed a unique method, the Chenot Method®, developed and refined. It includes specific treatments and nutritional plans that work synergistically to support and stimulate the body. Toxins are eliminated to increase vitality and energy levels and balance the physiology of the body. Fascinated by the effects of lifestyle on genetic heritage, Henri Chenot, an advocate of prevention rather than cure, coined a new holistic approach to health. The group has eight locations worldwide, an exclusive collaboration with selected One&Only resorts, and is now opening its new flagship property with 96 exclusive hotel rooms in Weggis on the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland this spring.

Here, Dr. George Gaitanos and his team will answer big questions like these: "We face an aging challenge: How can we ensure that we spend our extra years in the best health possible for as long as possible without a loss of function?" Admittedly, a 5000-square-foot spa helps find answers, he said. "At Chenot Palace Weggis, each and every guest receives medical and spa treatments, check-ups and nutritional advice in a luxurious setting. In addition, medical beauty treatments are offered." Exercise rooms on the expansive grounds, a 20-meter indoor pool and outdoor activities round out the entire Chenot Palace offering. The opening is another step for Dr. George Gaitanos and his team in positioning Chenot as an international brand in the health and wellness sector.

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Picture credits: Alex Const; Chenot Palace Weggis

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