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Endless Summer: Why Puglia is THE autumn hotspot

Warm sun, olive harvest and dream beaches sound tempting? Then off to the south of Italy!

6 October 2021

Those who just don't want to let summer go can of course make it easy on themselves and fly towards the Maldives, Seychelles or the Caribbean. However, those who don't want to travel quite so long can also enjoy themselves in neighbouring Italy.

Especially Puglia is a dreamlike getaway, while autumn is already setting in here.

The autumn hotspot Apulia

While the crowds push through the dreamy alleys of Puglia in the summer months, the dream place in the south of Italy seems to be almost empty in autumn. That's why this region is also considered a real insider tip from October onwards! Because the sea is still warm enough to swim in and the sun is strong enough to fill up on vitamin D and strength. And while you're relaxing on empty beaches and deserted bays, you can definitely block out everything around you.

No matter which place you choose, Puglia is a jackpot! Credit: Urban Peklar / Unsplash, Simone Perrone / Unsplash, Giulia Gasperini / Unsplash

Especially the towns of Gargano, Polignano a Mare, Peschici and Alberobello are worth a trip in autumn, because you can admire the beautiful coastline, the townscape and the sights without any hustle and bustle.

Christmas comes but once a year...

It is well known that Italians are not children of sadness. But once the tourists from all over the world return to their homeland and the residents have their cities to themselves again, it is tiem to celebrate until the corks pop! Because in October, Italy has some holidays and street festivals coming up that are just bursting with joie de vivre.

They can party, the Italians! Credit: Bucography / Unsplash, Josefina Di Battista / Unsplash

Harvest on point!

Is there anything that screams "Italy" more than the country's delicious wine? Probably not! That's why the grape harvest is one of the most spectacular attractions in the countryside. The harvest is very much dependent on the weather and not bound to a fixed date. The wine regions in Puglia, such as Salento, Taranto or Montepulciano offer countless day trips in autumn, where you can be part of this creative process.

Fall time is also harvest time. Credit: Flor Saurina / Unsplash

Once the grape harvest is over, it's time to move on to the country's next culinary treasure: Olives! This harvest is at least as impressive. The first olive presses are put into operation at the beginning of October and go on until the end of January.

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