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Great Trail in Canada: This is the longest hiking trail in the world

The route covers 24,000 kilometres and stretches from the west to the east coast of the country.

1 October 2021

Canada offers the opportunity to experience countless natural spectacles. From national parks to lush forests and unique stretches of coastline to idyllic seascapes, it's all here. If you want to explore the surroundings of this country to the smallest detail, it is best to go on a hike, because there are plenty of hiking routes here. Especially recommended is the Great Trail - also known as the longest hiking trail in the world!

This is the Great Trail

The northern part of America, as well as Canada, are known for offering everything on a slightly larger scale than we are used to in Europe. So it's no surprise that Canada is also home to the longest hiking trail in the world: The Great Trail!

The Great Trail takes you through Canada's dream landscape. Credit: Jeff Smith / Unsplash, David Wirzba / Unsplash

The route runs from coast to coast over a total distance of 24,000 kilometres. You can also make a detour to the north of the country. According to the tourism agency, you can walk the route Destination Canada on foot, partly on bicycle, on horseback and even in a canoe. Cars are not allowed on the Great Trail - in winter, however, snowmobiles can drive along the route.

500 individual routes

The route of the 24,000-kilometre trail begins in St. Johns in eastern Canada and stretches to Vancouver Island in the west. If you want even more, you can also hike inland, up to the Northwest Territories. Another highlight: Fundy National Park, which is especially popular with nature lovers, as well as Banff National Park, which is also a spectacle in itself!

You'll pass numerous national parks along the way. Credit: Kalen Emsley / Unsplash

The special thing about the Great Trail is that the insanely long hiking trail can be divided into a total of 500 individual routes. You can find your way around via an app or a map on the Internet. There are 86 pavilions along the route, where hikers from all over the world meet. By the way: Around 80 percent of all Canadians live only 30 minutes away from the Great Trail - since it runs through a large part of the country.

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