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Green Jungle: Is This the Coolest Breakfast Spot in Budapest?

Anyone who enters the breakfast restaurant of the TwentySix Hotel in Budapest feels instantly catapulted into a tropical rainforest. Here you dine among palm trees, climbing plants and trees.

June 7, 2023

Surrounded by an enchanted oasis of tranquility, right in the heart of the Hungarian capital Budapest, lies the 26° Budapest with its breathtaking Garden. Anyone entering the green oasis will see how impressively nature and gastronomy blur together here. The restaurant is a place of culinary magic and sensual pleasure. The very first look already enchants.

Frühstücks-Spot in Budapest

Here you'll find a magnificent indoor garden that unfolds in its full glory in the tall building. Soft greenery embraces the space, while colorful flowers beautify the view like brushstrokes. The scent of fresh herbs and exotic spices floats in the air, inviting guests to delve deeper into the mystery of the Garden.

Green jewel

The interior of the meter-high café is a tribute to elegance and sophistication. Natural elements combine with modern design to create a summery and cozy atmosphere. Soft lighting and sunlight from the skylights bathe the space in a warm glow that gently envelops the mood. Rustic wooden tables and comfortable chairs invite you to linger, while ornate details complete the interior. 

Exquisite trendy dishes

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Avocado toasts, granola, pancakes - the menu of the Garden Restaurant is a feast for breakfast gourmets. Here, traditional Hungarian flavors merge with modern trendy cuisine to create a symphonic composition for the palate.

The chefs of the Garden Restaurant are true masters of their craft. With passionate dedication and a pinch of creativity, they conjure up dishes that delight not only the stomach but also the soul. Every bite is a harmonious melody of textures and flavors that come together in perfect symbiosis.

Not only in the morning, but all day long you can look forward to the finest specialties at the 26°. After breakfast, the finest meat dishes such as Hungarian rib eye await guests. Vegetarians will also find what they are looking for on the varied menu. The offer ranges from quinoa, to pita pockets to carrot-chickpea tagine.

Frühstücks-Spot in Budapest

Twentysix Budapest
Budapest, Király u. 26, 1061 Hungary
Web: twentysixbudapest.com
Tel.: +36 70 395 6129.

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