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Hotel Bellevue: Hideaway on the wellness island of Lošinj

This is how chic a spa resort can be: on Croatia's "wellness island" of Lošinj, Hotel Bellevue invites you to enjoy wellness and outstanding culinary delights amidst healing nature and a modern ambience.

May 30, 2022

The view wanders over the lush green of the pine groves, in the distance already the first rays of sunlight flash over the Adriatic Sea. A bird loudly announces that for him the day has now begun. Here, at the Hotel Bellevue, nature is a little closer, a little more tangible - and certainly a little more healing than elsewhere in Croatia. The five-star hotel, a luxurious as well as carefully managed hideaway on the climatic spa island of Lošinj, truly makes a visit to the "Wellness Island" worthwhile.

Hotel Bellevue
Čikat ulica 9, 51550, Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Tel.: +385 51 679 000
Price from € 250,- per night incl. breakfast

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Welcome to Hotel Bellevue, a modern hideaway on Croatia's Wellness Island. © Losinj Hotels and Villas

Reason to Book:

Whoever is looking for the total package is in the right place: Hotel Bellevue combines proximity to healing nature with all the luxurious amenities one looks for on vacation. The focus is just as much on outstanding experiences in the Spa Clinic as on excellent gourmet cuisine - the offer is diverse, yet not overwhelming. The perfect balance, in other words. CEO Peter Schoch has made sure the hotel, part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, has been on the radar of luxury travelers in recent years. And since Lošinj boasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the hotel is also perfect for a wellness stay among fragrant herbs and pine groves in spring and fall.

Sea, pool and pure luxury at Hotel Bellevue. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas


More than a hundred years ago, the well-heeled upper classes of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy were drawn to Lošinj - and for good reason. Thanks to its elongated shape, sheltered location, exceptionally mild climate and sea air, the island in the Kvarner Bay has a natural healing effect on all kinds of respiratory diseases. Add to this the many herbs and beneficial plantsthat have been growing here over the centuries thanks to the many seafarers. There are now over 1,100. They bloom among the furrowed rocks, on mountains and in bays, filling the air of the island with their beguiling, healing aromas. And also lush green pine groves, planted here over 100 years ago by an Austrian, provides flair and a sense of well-being on the "Wellness Island".

This location makes the Hotel Bellevue, sheltered in the romantic Čikat Bay unique: At the centre of all things is natural well-being. Melissa Mettler, who is responsible for the new wellness concept of the five-star hotel, relies on the herbs of the island, such as myrtle and pine, and says: "We have many guests who come to us with bronchitis or allergies. After a few days, they usually happily tell me that they only need half of their medication. Just great!"

The only drawback is that getting here is a bit more complicated than getting to Rovinj, for example. From Austria and the surrounding countries such as Italy or Slovenia, the best way is by car to Istria, then by car ferry to the dream island. Vacationers from Germany, Switzerland and more distant destinations travel by plane to Pula or Zagreb, then take the car via ferry to Lošinj. But one thing is clear as soon as you arrive at the hotel surrounded by pine groves: the journey is worth it.

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In 1892, the island of Lošinj was appointed the official air health resort of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas


Wide, open spaces, lots of light, modern, elegant interior: this is where you feel at home. Whoever stroll from the lobby in the direction of the sea - because that is where guests are undoubtedly drawn to very quickly - first wander across the chic wooden floor of the connecting passageway, which is lined to the left and right by works of Croatian artists . A real eye-catcher! Just like the well-staged light moments (especially great: the coastal path between the Lošinj Hotels & Villas, which picks up the iconic Bellevue lines in terms of design) or the interior, which features earthy colours, while being modern, unobtrusive and stylish. And then you're already standing in front of the large glass front, which opens up a view of the Čikat bay

Modernity meets the sea: at Bellevue, Mediterranean ambience is brought into harmony with modern architecture. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Those who can resist the call of the sea briefly turn around and continue wandering through the spacious hotel. At every corner cozy sitting areas invite you to linger with modern, comfortable furniture to enjoy a cosy get-together. If you let yourself fall into one of the wing chairs, you're sure to linger there a little longer than planned. The same goes for the outdoor area: with a drink in hand, you'll end up in one of the numerous wicker chairs and benches, enjoying the balmy breeze from the sea caressing your face and the modern ambience all around. And this is precisely what makes out the Bellevue charm: any everyday rush is traded for a blissful drift between the day's highlights - from the spa to the culinary arts to a day at the beach. A real relief.

© Losinj Hotels and Villas

Sea view or more view? At Hotel Bellevue, both apply, combined with cozy wicker armchairs and soft bench seating. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Rooms, Suites & Villas

185 rooms and 21 suites. At Bellevue, you sleep among clean design, straight lines and soft light colours. The beds are a dream in white and soft; you almost want to roll onto your side again in the morning instead of strolling to breakfast. Either wood or carpeted flooring, depending on your own preference. Great: the bathrooms are separated and equipped with all amenities. Likewise, coffee lovers will find a small espresso machine in their room. All accommodations also have their own balcony. The suites and rooms with a sea view are a true highlight - because the romantic Čikat Bay is a sight to behold.

Losinj Hotels and Villas Executive Suite

Executive Suite at Bellevue has a double room, living room, two bathrooms and a large terrace with sea view. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Good to Know

For those who like it quieter, more opulent and classic, book a room at the Hotel Alhambra, the historic adults-only hotel right next door. Large groups also have the opportunity to stay in one of three villas, part of the "Small Luxury Hotels - Private Residences", Villa Hortensia, the Villa Augusta and Villa Mirasol . 

Time flies on the private terraces. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas


On Lošinj, everything is fresh: the fish is caught directly off the coast and lands fresh, every day, on the plates at Matsunoki and in the Alfred cellar. And in the hotel's own herb and vegetable garden, green plants are ripening.

Hotel Bellevue offers access to several restaurants of Lošinj Hotels & Villas:


An unexpected find in the middle of Croatia: In Matsunoki in the Hotel Bellevue with a modern-Japanese ambience, chef de cuisine Orhan Cakiroglu creates outstanding Japanese delicacies. The luminary, who comes from Turkey, has already worked in renowned restaurants such as the Zuma, Nobu or Hakkasan - equally outstanding is his contemporary japanese fusion cuisine, for which he uses only freshly caught fish from the waters around Lošinj. This is easy on both your palate and conscience! 

Recommended here are all types of Sashimi and sushi, which are prepared traditionally but with their own twist. And the ramen and meat dishes are also impressive. In addition there is the best Japanese sake and whisky, wine fans are served Croatian vino. Appetizer Tip: Crispy Rice Crackers with Shisho Salmon - tastes simply light and airy!

Losinj Hotels and Villas Matsunoki

Japanese with style: at Matsunoki, dine either in the trendy restaurant or on the sea-view terrace. © Losinj Hotels and Villas

Good to know:

Next door, Hotel Alhambra, also part of Lošinj Hotels & Villas, invites you to the Alfred Keller, where star chef Christian Kuchler and the young Austrian chef Michael Gollenz demonstrate their arts. Outstanding! There was already a Michelin star for it, a second may follow with pleasure. If you walk a little along the bay, you will reach two restaurants that should not be missed during your stay: Konoba Cigale, which serves hearty, very fine Mediterranean-Croatian cuisine, and the romantic Lanterna next to the lighthouse for barbecue fans.

From spring, the Bellevue blossoms something particularly pleasurable. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Spa & Fitness


The careful focus on wellness is probably the highlight in the Bellevue Spa Clinic. In accordance with the local flora and in consultation with physicians, nutritionists, therapists and sports scientists, an own "Slow Aging" concept was developed. This combines elements from nature that are good for us with the best that the classic and modern treatment world has to offer, from ultrasound therapy to gentle facials, massages and even cryosauna. For beauty, reach for high-quality products like Augustinus Bader, Biologique or The|Tides. And when the temperatures get warmer, dive into the Full Moon Sea-Tox massage in the seawater pool - an extraordinary underwater spa experience right on the coast! 

The concept for the Bellevue Spa Clinic comes from Luxury Spa Consultant Melissa Mettler, who is also responsible for the spa experiences at renowned properties such as the Ritz Carlton Koh Samui or the new Madrid EDITION .


Besides all the relaxation, exercise should not be neglected: whether in the gym with your own instructor and courses, in the indoor or outdoor pool, at the Morning Yoga or in week-specific Workshops, free diving, stand-up paddling and aerial yoga - the focus is on physical well-being.

Wellbeing is clearly the focus at Hotel Bellevue. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Service & Amenities

The fact that the rich breakfast is included at the Hotel Bellevue is already very pleasing. In addition, you can look forward to the particularly attentive, friendly staff that absolutely lives up to a five-star hotel - the room is made twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for turn-down, for questions and extra requests someone is always ready. Many of the staff are also islanders who are happy to reveal their insider tips around Lošinj. 

Sailing dreams

If the wind is favourable, sailors can rent boats of various sizes at Bellevue and use them to explore the dreamy bays around Lošinj. With a little luck, some of the 200 or so wild dolphins that have made this their home may be spotted. Sailing beginners can make their first "leeward attempts" in the surf and sailing school right next to the hotel.

During a sailing trip, with a little luck, you can spot a porpoise. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

A Tip from the editorial office

Simply unique: The Bellevue Spa Clinic invites you to cryotherapy. Extreme cold is used to treat various ailments and to optimize athletic performance. Guests put on gloves, climb into the 1-person cold chamber and are sent into the icy cold of minus 110 degrees for a few minutes. Thanks to the friendly guidance of the staff, however, the minutes pass very quickly, in no time - or rather, after a few minutes of stepping in the cryochamber, because movement is a must here - you're out again. And feels better than ever - a real endorphin boost! 

In the modern 1-person cold chamber you will improve your health within minutes. © Lošinj Hotels and Villas

Hotel Bellevue
Čikat ulica 9, 51550, Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Tel.: +385 51 679 000
Price from € 250,- per night incl. breakfast

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