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The Regent Experience by Regent Seven Seas Cruises provides guests with unforgettable, carefree cruises that offer every possible kind of luxury.

December 19, 2023

The world's foremost expert in high-seas luxury for over 30 years, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has more than lived up to its reputation as the "world's most luxurious cruise line" by offering unprecedented personal service, amenities and a huge selection of gorgeous routes and destinations. A Regent Seven Seas cruise always places the comfort and wellbeing of its passengers front and center, so it's only natural that the fleet's all-inclusive packages go far beyond simple comforts like unlimited food and drink. Among the many amenities included are round-the-clock butler service and unforgettable stays in select partner hotels both before and after your cruise.

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Following their creed of "luxury without compromise," Regent Seven Seas offers guests the absolute maximum in comfort and luxuriousness, right down to the last detail. Their services begin the very moment you start your vacation, long before it's even time to embark. The Pre-Cruise Hotel Package includes transfers for both passengers and luggage, as well as a pre-cruise overnight stay in port - including breakfast and every amenity imaginable. On certain select routes, passengers can even spend a few days in the port from which the cruise begins, either prior to or after their cruise. This allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture - with an individualized sightseeing program thrown in for good measure.

The generous suites are equipped with everything a discerning traveler could possibly require, making you feel at home from the very first moment. Whether you fancy Champagne in your stateroom, or even a full dinner accompanied by wine - all of it is included in your Regent Seven Seas package. And with every ship boasting numerous restaurants serving everything from French cuisine to vegetarian delights, the possibilities are endless. Naturally, all specialty restaurants are also included.

© Stephen Beaudet

Once you reach a port of call, you can choose from a broad range of shore-based activities, with some destinations offering up to ten different excursions. Whether leading vineyard tours or visits to an archeological site, your Regent Seven Seas' guide will demonstrate unmatched knowledge and competence.

If you'd rather relax, that's an excellent option as well, of course: Simply take in the view with a drink in hand poolside, or pamper yourself in the ship's own spa. If you'd like more privacy, feel free to kick back on your own balcony and listen to the rolling waves. It's the perfect counterpoint to your everyday routine, a magnificent escape from the daily grind. Other services included are pre-paid gratuities, unlimited high-speed internet and a valet laundry service with both pick-up and delivery to your cabin.

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2023/24.

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