Travel Tip Porvoo: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the City in Finland

Everyone knows Helsinki, cruise enthusiasts have probably heard of Turku and Rovaniemi is popular with Christmas lovers. Porvoo, on the other hand, is still rather unknown – but that's exactly why you should put it on your bucket list.

October 15, 2022

1. Authentic architecture


BootshäuserThe red-painted boathouses are one of the most popular photo motifs in the city. They are located on Porvoonjoki. © Shutterstock

Porvoo is located in the south of Finland, about 50 kilometers northeast of Helsinki on the Gulf of Finland. The center of the picturesque old town is a protected monument. It welcomes visitors with narrow streets and colorful wooden houses. Most of the buildings were built after a major fire in 1760.

2. Charming winters


Rathaus If you're looking for snow in winter, you'll certainly find it in Finland. © Shutterstock

Finnish winters last about 120 days. Thanks to the dry cold and the blanket of snow that is guaranteed to cover the country, winter in Finland is a particularly enchanting experience. Combined with Porvoo's Christmas market – and with it plenty of glögi (mulled wine) – not even the Grinch could resist the festive ambience.

3. One-of-a-kind shops


HäuserThe narrow streets of the old town offer plenty of excellent restaurants and small boutiques. © Shutterstock

When you think of Finnish cuisine, crispbread and fish may be the first things that come to mind. In Porvoo, however, you'll discover the country's sweet side. The Brunberg Chocolate Factory has been making their popular Alku Caramel Fudge and numerous other treats for over 150 years. You can get them all directly from their factory shop. Another address to remember for those with a sweet tooth is PetriS Chocolate Room, where you can sample the finest handmade chocolates, cupcakes and macarons in the north.

4. Finnish fashion


ShoppingVintage pieces never go out of style. © Artificial Photography

In the old town, numerous small stores invite you to treat yourself to a souvenir or two. Particularly pretty is Niin Mua Second Hand & Vintage, where second hand shoppers can find countless treasures that aren't just chic, but have a positive impact on the environment as well.

5. Inspiring institutions


KathedraleThe "cathedral" of Porvoo dates back to the Middle Ages. About 200,000 tourists visit it every year. © Shutterstock

Although Porvoo is not all that big, the city still boasts numerous museums. The Porvoo Art Hall, the former home of writer J.L. Runeberg, or the Porvoo Musuem are popular with visitors. A sight in itself is the Doll and Toy Museum, which is privately owned and showcases 45 years of toy history.

6. Bike routes


The "South by Cycle" route also passes through Porvoo. © Julia Kivelo/visitfindland.com

During the warmer months, southern Finland is a great place to explore by bike. The "South by Cycle" route, for example, will take you past natural gems, historic sights and scenic beauty. In total, the route covers 13 municipalities and is 900 kilometers long. The entire route will take you about 8 to 10 days to complete.

7. Sustainable stays


Runo HotelThe Runo Hotel is one of the newest hotels in town. © Design Hotels™

Runo Hotel Porvoo is a particularly special hideaway. The Design Hotel™ combines Finnish tradition with a good dose of contemporary Nordic chic. It's located in a building designed by Oskari Holvikivi in 1912, which was carefully renovated. Guests enjoy breakfast, brunch, and a bar, as well as the Attic Spa on the top floor. Artwork by local artists adorns the walls. The hotel does a lot in terms of sustainability as well. The food is locally sourced, and there is an efficient energy management system.

Runo Hotel Porvoo
Rihkamakatu 4, 06100 Porvoo, Finland
Web: runohotel.com
Tel.: +358 29 3191200
Price: doubles from €160


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