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Scenic: Expedition With Yacht Character

Enjoy an exciting holiday with a little bit of adventure: Scenic celebrates the art of amazement by traveling to unknown destinations. Far away from mass tourism, you can experience the world in an unexpected but especially luxurious way.

April 24, 2024

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Based in Australia, Scenic has been creating award-winning river and ocean cruises since 1986 that not only take guests to spectacular destinations, but also excel with the highest standards and top-class service. From the very first moment, you'll experience pure luxury on the incomparable discovery yacht Scenic Eclipse. With space for up to 228 guests, the Scenic Eclipse fleet offers an intimate yacht experience where every detail is designed for comfort and enjoyment. Scenic constantly strives to redefine standards on the high seas, creating a unique travel experience. Each of the 114 luxurious suites (from 32 square meters) has a private veranda or terrace. The all-inclusive luxury experience also includes excellent butler service. Up to ten gourmet experiences await guests, and all drinks, excursions and much more are included in the travel price. For an additional charge, you can even take part in helicopter or submarine excursions, guaranteeing unforgettable moments.

Spectacular experiences

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On board the Scenic Eclipse, it'll feel like floating above and below the horizon. On this journey, you go further and deeper than ever and discover the limits of the extraordinary in unique destinations that few have traveled to. One of the highlights is the Arctic - a magical place where the sun never sets. Here, you'll not only discover breathtaking wildlife, but also snow-covered fjords that rise majestically beside you. Whether you explore Norway's beauty with the on-board helicopters (for a fee), go on excursions with the Zodiacs or listen to stories about awe-inspiring Vikings - the 18-day Arctic voyage, which can also be shortened to nine or ten days, guarantees that you'll never cease to be amazed. Unique moments at the North Cape, trips along the Trollfjord and the Geirangerfjord, explorations of the Lofoten Islands, whale watching in Húsavik and a visit to the Blue Lagoon are waiting for you.

It's perfect for adventurous travelers with wanderlust who want to experience unforgettable moments off the beaten track without sacrificing luxury.
One of many highlights is the spacious atmosphere of the ship, with a maximum number of 228 guests, guaranteeing all-round service and sufficient privacy at any time of day.
The most beautiful routes are a series of Arctic cruises, including one around the majestic fjords of Norway from Tromsø to Copenhagen and a voyage of discovery to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland from Oslo to Reykjavik; a trip to the wild coast of Kimberley in Australia from Darwin to Broome; an autumnal tour of New England from Halifax to New York.


This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Spring 2024.

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