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Here are the 5 Safest Travel Destinations in the World

People who travel are looking for beautiful adventures and unforgettable experiences. The latter are guaranteed to be good ones as they are the five safest destinations in 2023.

13 June 2023

Anyone who wants to play it safe, is traveling for the first time or is traveling alone should stick to the safest travel destinations 2023. The travel insurer "Berkshire Hathaway" determined these for the eighth time in a row. In the assessment aspects of political security, severe weather and environmental disasters, minority security, social stability and crime are included. For its result, BHTP analyzed a variety of surveys and data sources. These are the top 5 safest travel destinations in 2023:

5: Norway

Sichersten Reiseziele 2023

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Latest addition to the list of the top 5 is Norway. The Scandinavian country scores with glaciers, fjords and mountains. Travelers looking for a special connection with nature and the elements are making a good choice with Norway. There's no need to worry at all as a traveler here. The biggest risk? A collision with a wild animal when traveling outside the cities on a country road. You can definitely risk that, can't you?

4: Australia

Sichersten Reiseziele 2023

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Last year still on place 6, the continent makes it this year on place 4 of the safest travel destinations 2023. Among other things, because the people are friendly, you can easily talk to everyone in English and the political situation is very stable. Sometimes there's still the one or other bar fight. If you duck fast enough, you have nothing to fear. In return, there's an incredible amount to discover in the sixth largest country on earth. Down Under is always worth a trip.

3: Iceland

Sichersten Reiseziele 2023 Island

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Last year's winner received the bronze rank of the safest destinations in 2023 this year. Iceland is so safe that the biggest danger is probably the partially unpaved roads. They lead to breathtaking natural sites, the legendary Blue Lagoon and places that seem out of this world. Most of the population lives in the capital, Reykjavík. And here life is also tranquil.

2: Denmark

Sichersten Reiseziele 2023 Dänemark

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Denmark was not listed in the top 15 last year. This time, the northern European country managed a remarkable new entry, reaching the 2nd place. For travelers, the country is exciting because of its diverse capital Copenhagen. The sights vary from royal palaces to the Tivoli amusement park to the colorful houses at Nyhavn. Also worth seeing: the city of Odense. It has a medieval city center and is thebirthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

1: Netherlands

Sichersten Reiseziele 2023 Niederlande

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The highest newcomer in the list scores with canals (Grachten) and tulip fields, windmills, bike paths and the capital Amsterdam. Here, you can visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House or the famous Rijksmuseum completely unmolested. Beautiful town houses give the capital a special flair.

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