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Summer Hotspot: Menorca

Our summer hotspot Menorca may be smaller than Mallorca and the quietest of the Balearic Islands, but it still has a huge range of exciting activities and wonderful places that guarantee an unforgettable time.

August 1, 2022

Unlike Mallorca or Ibiza, its little sister Menorca is the opposite of a booming party destination - the Balearic island is still a largely undiscovered gem in the Mediterranean. Away from the crowds and mainstream attractions, visitors come here to slow down, enjoy the beautiful scenery and immerse themselves in Spanish island life, where the priorities are still on the essentials. Nature lovers can hardly fail to be amazed on their first visit to Menorca: the beaches are not only among the most beautiful in the world, there are plenty of them.

Tranquility, olé! If you think the Balearics are all the same, you've never been to Menorca: this small island with a long coastline offers country clubs instead of clubbing and miles of hiking instead of endless party miles. © Adobe Stock, Shutterstock

Peace, relaxation and unspoiled nature: Our Summer Hotspot Menorca

In total, the coastline of Menorca is even longer than that of Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Explorers can venture to over 200 small coves and will always find undisturbed places to enjoy absolute privacy amid breathtaking surroundings. The beach shores are characterized by their fine white sand, while the sea stuns with crystal clear turquoise waters. In Menorca, the dream of a perfect beach vacation can definitely come true. If you want to explore the island in its entirety, you can even do it on foot: a bridle path that circles the entire island is perfect for picturesque hikes.

Summer Hotspot Menorca

Equestrians can explore Menorca on horseback: a special trail encompassing the island offers breathtaking views and the sight of places steeped in history. © Shutterstock

Experienced riders can, of course, take the tour on horseback – what a photo op for your Insta feed. As you'd expect from a natural Spanish island, the gastronomy scene in Menorca is simple but fantastic. A variety of tapas with regional ingredients and fresh delicacies from the sea are at the top of the menu. If you like fish and seafood, you should definitely try one of Menorca's most traditional dishes: Caldereta de Llagosta, a hearty lobster stew is a feast for the taste buds.

The most popular accommodations are also not large resorts, but charming small boutique hotels like the Can Alberti 1740 in Mahón (left) or the Faustino Gran in Ciutadella (right). Culinary arts traditionally have strong ties to nature and regional ingredients, but are growing in exclusivity with Michelin-rated restaurants like the highly acclaimed Rels (above). © Rels, Can Alberti Boutique Hotel, Relais Châteaux Faustino Gran

Good to Know

  • Eco travelers, beware! The entire island is a protected Unesco Biosphere Reserve and thus serves as a model region and learning site for sustainable development.
  • Which wind is blowing at the moment has a significant impact on island life, so choose your beach based on the weather forecast: if the wind is blowing in the north, it's best to venture south and vice versa!
  • Menorca has been back in Spanish hands for over 200 years, but the British occupiers have left their mark: gin is still one of the most popular drinks on the island.
  • For early birds: the first sunrises in Spain are those on Menorca.

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Summer 2022.

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