Unterwegs mit Lena Terlutter Tipps der Unternehmerin
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On the road with Lena Terlutter: These are the favorite spots of the entrepreneur and mom of 4

Store owner, model, stylist, author, mom of four kids and influencer: the multi-talented Lena Terlutter is taking the world by storm. She reveals her favorite spots, best tips and what else is on her bucket list.

21 February 2022

On her Instagram profile , more than 765,000 people follow along to see what the successful businesswoman goes next. Always in her luggage: her four great children. In an interview, the likeable Lena Terlutter talks about her favorite spots and gives the best tips for those who want to be inspired.


Ms. Terlutter, what is on the bucket list for 2022? And why?
This year we are going to Sicily for the first time, then again traditionally to the south of France, and brand new: to Istria. As long as the kids are not yet children, traveling within Europe is the easiest and most comfortable thing for us.

What do you look for when planning a trip?
I make sure to find a compromise with the kids. It is often the case that the things that I and my husband like to do on trips, the kids do not find interesting or even the hotels that we find beautiful, are often not perfectly geared to kids. Fortunately, I have found a great agency that specializes in exactly this topic: The Family Project. Last year we went to Sardinia to the Hotel Cala di Volpe like this and were thrilled, as it met our requirements but also those of the kids to 100%.

Stylish on the road: Lena Terlutter and three of her children traveling. © Lena Terlutter

Which destination is your all-time favorite? Why?
At the moment, when the kids are still so small: Southern France and Portofino in Italy. We go by car, save us the airport stress and are flexible on the spot as far as tours and excursions are concerned. Our kids know everything down there, we meet lots of friends and everyone gets their money's worth.

Which hotel always goes?
With children: Cala di Volpe (Sardinia/Italy), Lou Pinet (St. Tropez/France), Moar Gut (Salzburg/Austria), Al Qasr or "Mandarin Oriental Bangkok" (Dubai), Terre Blanche (Provence/France).

Without children the Le Sirenuse in Positano on the Amalfi Coast remains one of my favorite hotels.

What do you always have in your luggage?
Headwear and sunglasses - I'm an absolute hat, beanie, cap freak and sunglasses are also a heavy vice ;)

Never without on top: sunglasses and headgear are always with you. © Lena Terlutter

Where might we take you for a meal in your favorite destination in the South of France?
We love the restaurants in the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc and Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat. Still legendary and delicious: A day at the Club 55 is a set date for us. 

A secret corner that you find particularly beautiful?
If I give it away, it's no longer a secret corner ;) No seriously: If we stay with the South of France - not a secret tip, but a heart tip - we like to sit on the Place des Lices. The kids ride carousel, my husband and I drink a delicious glass of wine, you can watch people and just enjoy the French flair.

Your shopping tip?
I do not shop on vacation, my suitcase does not allow it ;)

Simply enjoy - that's the motto of every trip. © Lena Terlutter

Where can you be found in the evening?
Always following the sun, as long as it's outside - the mood in the LouLou, Gigi or also Bambou is great, you will certainly meet me there one or the other time - but rather during the day than in the evening, I'm usually in bed early: welcome to life with 4 kids :D

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