Architekturtraum in Thüringen Waldkliniken Eisenberg
© HG Esch

Architectural dream in Thuringia: a clinic as beautiful as a hotel

Star architect Matteo Thun & Partners and HDR Germany designed the Waldklinik Eisenberg, a hospital that meets hotel standards.

January 11, 2022

At first glance, the semicircular building in Thuringia could be mistaken for a luxurious spa hotel. Lots of wood, floor-to-ceiling windows, surrounded by lots of greenery: this is how the latest building by star architect Matteo Thun & Partners presents itself. In reality, behind the modern façade lies the Waldklinik Eisenberg, a highly specialized hospital. But one that has recognized the big impact of the environment during the healing process.

A lobby as it could be found in a hotel. © HG Esch

How the outside affects the inside

For some time now, medical studies have been substantiating what has always been suspected: nature has a positive effect on the human body. The forest in particular almost has superpowers in this respect. Just looking at nature activates the immune system. Wood causes the heart rate to drop after a few minutes, even stress levels drop noticeably. So it's all the more surprising that hospitals, of all places, are usually dreary places with squeaky linoleum floors and a pervasive smell of disinfectant. Or actually: were. Because the Waldklinik Eisenberg is now taking a different approach. CEO David-Ruben Thies wanted a building that would turn patients into guests and in which they can feel completely at ease and concentrate on recovery. He found his "partners in crime" in the Italian star architect Matteo Thun and in HDR Germany. 

Plenty of space, daylight and a winter garden: the standard two-bed rooms. © HG Esch

The work of Matteo Thun & Partners is known primarily from the hospitality sector. Actually, their teams in Milan and Munich are experts for interior and architecture in the luxury hotel sector. Together with the hospital experts from HDR Germany, they have now created the best of both worlds. In other words, a clinic that meets medical requirements as well as those of a hotel. The result is impressive. The Ministry of Thuringia selected Thun's concept as the most ecological, sustainable and economical proposal.

One of the two restaurants is named "Matteo". © HG Esch

Check in instead of check out

The patients, who are allowed to feel like guests here, sleep in spacious two-bed rooms, among others. They have a conservatory and a bathroom. The arrangement of the different elements in the room and a curtain create flexible places of retreat. In each case, two rooms are connected by a balcony. The large window fronts not only provide beautiful views to the outside, they also let a particularly large amount of daylight into the interior. Wooden floors, two canteens with restaurant character, snacks in the lobby and freshly baked bread on site are also features of the Waldklinik Eisenberg, as is the color scheme with natural tones. Of course, no one wants to go to a hospital; but if they must, there is probably no nicer place.

Eisenberg Forest Clinic
Klosterlausnitzer Str. 81, 07607 Eisenberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 36691 80

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