Travel in times of pandemic.

11 December 2020

One of the most normal things in the world has become a rather more difficult endeavor this year: Flying. Because due to the Corona pandemic, you couldn't just fly to the country you wanted to go to, because there were lockdowns, border closures and tough controls again and again. In order to make one of everyone's favorite pastimes - traveling - a little easier again in the future, experts have been working for months on a way to make this happen. The International Air Transport Associtation (IATA for short) claims to have found a solution. The association has developed a health app that allows us to fly safely.


A health passport aims to take air travel up a notch

IATA is currently working on a travel pass that could look something like a health passport. The idea is that this will allow us to fly around the globe again, while also complying with all health and safety regulations. "In order to reopen borders without mandatory quarantine and reignite air travel, governments must be able to ensure that they can mitigate the risk of importing a Corona infection," reads a statement from IATA. "That means getting accurate information about the health status of passengers, in terms of Covid-19."

The app will be launched this year

And this is exactly where the digital travel passport comes in. By means of an app, the flow of information between travellers, governments, airlines and laboratories can be simplified. Passengers can use it to find out about the corona measures in force in the country to which they want to travel. In addition, the app is designed to find the closest lab where travelers can take a Corona test. The labs can then immediately upload the test result to the app so that holidaymakers also have a reliable and up-to-date status of their health.

The health app is expected to launch before the end of 2020 and be available for both iOS and Android operating systems in 2021.

Picture Credit: Hans Ripa / Unsplash

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