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A plane wreck: the most spectacular new luxury hotel in Bali

Situated on a cliff in the south of Bali, a white airplane towers over the landscape of the Indonesian island. You can spend the night inside the old wreck, as if it were your new Private Jet Villa.

February 7, 2023

Airplanes and airports have always held a certain fascination for most people. People associate both with traveling and relaxing. Usually, you leave them before your vacation even really starts. So how would it feel to combine an airline stay with a vacation?

Private Jet Villa

Behind the wooden entrance extends the full area © Private Jet Villa

Russian entrepreneur Felix Demin is now making this dream come true. He will soon open the region's first airplane hotel on the south coast of Bali. This is probably the most spectacular new hideaway on Bali.

From rusty plane to luxury hideaway

A rusty white airplane wreck on a meadow in Bali - several photos of the former sightseeing spot are circulating on the web. Visitors from all over the world have come to take snapshots of the mysterious, abandoned Boeing 737 over the last few years. Where the plane came from and how it ended up at its location, no one knows. 

Altes Flugzeug-Wrack

The aircraft at its former location © Shutterstock

What used to be a popular tourist attraction has recently been converted into what is probably the most spectacular hideaway on the island. Felix Demin once purchased the wreck, hoisted it onto a cliff, completely gutted it, and expanded it. His brand new Private Jet Villa stands in Uluwatu near Nyang Nyang Beach on a hill and shines with perfect architecture and the most special design. The opening is scheduled for March 2023. 

Glamour around the cockpit

Private Jet Villa

© Private Jet Villa

When you see the new interior of the Private Jet Villa, it's hard to believe what the Boeing 737 looked like just a few months ago. There are now two bedrooms in the former wreck, one in the front, one in the back. Both have access to a walk-in closet and private bathroom. The space in between was designed to be open and includes a bar and sitting area. On the aircraft wing there is a relaxing balcony with magnificent views over the sea and the cliff with a height of 150 meters.

Das wurde aus dem alten Flugzeug-Wrack

© Private Jet Villa

A similar view can be enjoyed from the infinity pool, which is located below the plane. In the large bio-fireplace area you can come to rest and spend romantic hours by a crackling fire. 

© Private Jet Villa

In addition to the villa, a lobby with a helipad was built on the roof, reminiscent of a mini airport. A project dear to the owner. In general, light colors were used for the project. The interior elements come from all over the world and some of them were made especially for the Private Jet Villa.

Spectacular project

To turn the old wreck into a luxurious villa, it had to be moved to its final location. A real tour de force, as Felix Demin sums up: "To get this Boeing 737 here, we had to take it apart after consulting with the Boeing team. We loosened 50,000 screws!" A 20-person team would have then spent 2 months preparing for the transport. "The transport itself took 5 days & 5 nights, we did it mainly at night. Along the way we were accompanied by the police," Demin said.

© Private Jet Villa

Incidentally, the Private Jet Villa has already received booking requests for the next 11.5 years in advance. Therefore, they are now looking for a solution to enable all interested parties to visit. The price for the overnight stay is also currently still under discussion.

Private Jet Villa
Jl. Pantai Nyang-Nyang, 80351, Uluwatu,, Pecatu, Bali, 80351
Web: expedia.co.id

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