An ode to the Wiener Schnitzel

Hotel owner Florian Weitzer publishes "The Wiener Schnitzel Love Book".

30 October 2020

There are plenty of ways to relax and to be pampered at the Meissl & Schadn all that once made Viennese cuisine so famous is served. A special memorial is set in the Ringstraßenhotel Grand Ferdinand The restaurant is dedicated to the Viennese schnitzel, the preparation of which is truly celebrated in an open show kitchen. The brand new "THE WIENER SCHNITZEL LOVE BOOK", published by hotel owner Florian Weitzer and Austrian journalist Severin Corti, is also about the cult of schnitzel in all its facets. The book was recently published in German and English by Brandstätter Verlag. 

New publication: "The Wiener Schnitzel Love Book".

Not only for cooking enthusiasts

What ten commandments did the Schnitzel Lord make? Where does it really come from? And how do people indulge in the schnitzel cult elsewhere in the world? What influence do potatoes and lard have? Questions like these are answered in the Wiener Schnitzel Love Book to the bottom. And this with a devoted love for the famous dish and the aspiration to adequately put it into words. For this very purpose, the editors were able to win over an illustrious crowd of national and international personalities from the fields of literature, journalism, gastronomy, art & caricature. They all pay tribute to the Wiener Schnitzel, which it deserves as a true Austrian icon. What is not neglected on this literary journey into a world in which the Schnitzel never perishes is, of course, the Schmäh. Last but not least, kitchen director Jürgen Gschwendtner lets readers in on the secrets of the famous Meissl & Schadn schnitzel, complete with original side dishes. Re-cooking and enjoying is expressly encouraged! Among others, the new work contains contributions by Massimo Bottura, Gerhard Bronner, Christian Seiler and Tobias Müller. 

The "Grand Ferdiand" in Vienna.

About the editors

Florian Weitzer is the owner of Weitzer Hotels & Restaurants. Since autumn 2017, he has been working with the Meissl & Schadn in the Grand Ferdinand on Schubertring, the famous Viennese restaurant of the turn of the century is being revived. In 2020, the Falstaff Restaurant Guide named him "Gastronome of the Year".

Severin Corti is a journalist and restaurant critic. He was a chef and has been writing about food and drink in German-language newspapers and magazines for 20 years.

The book is available or can be ordered at any bookstore.

Picture Credits: Meissl & Schadn 

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