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Home Office in Italy: These two places take care of half your rent

A perfect win-win situation!

2 June 2021

How many times in the past twelve months do you think we've wished to be in another country - let's say Italy - but then woke up from our little daydream because a new email announced itself in our inbox? This dream could soon become reality. Two villages in Italy are looking for people to move their home office to the popular holiday region. The best part of it? Half the rent will be covered too.

You can find out what you need to do here.

Italy entices with home office

Since the pandemic, the home office situation has for many become part of everyday life. But instead of always staring at their own four walls, some people will soon have the opportunity to change their environment and unceremoniously move their workplace to Italy. The two cities of Santa Fiora in Tuscany and Rieti in Lazio have come up with a very special strategy to secure their own future and please teleworkers at the same time.

Move your job to Italy? Yes please! Credit: Jonathan Bean / Unsplash

The new "Smart Village"

Santa Fiora wants to bring life back into the village and attract people and entire companies who work in home offices. For this, the Italian village has laid new lines for high-speed Internet and set up various workstations. Rieti is also courting new residents who want to relocate their work to Lazio, thus also counteracting a shrinking population. If you work from your new home, you get so-called rental vouchers that halve the cost of rent per month.

Santa Fiora wants to become a new "smart village". Credit: Klaus Stebani / Pixabay

These are the requirements

If you decide to move your office to Italy, you have to meet a few requirements first. In Rieti, employees must have their remote-working status confirmed by their employer. Freelancers can submit a detailed description of their job. The minimum stay in the city is three months - although rental support can be extended to over six months. Generally, rent is to be expected between 250 to 500 euros per month.

There are a few requirements that new residents must meet. Credit: Peter H / Pixabay

In Santa Fiora, employees do not need confirmation from the employer - a detailed description of their work is sufficient. The workers have to live in the village for two to six months. After that, the rent must be paid in full by themselves again. Rents in the village range from 300 to 500 euros per month. Also interesting: Those who work from Santa Fiora and have a child receive a baby bonus of 1,500 euros. Those who want to earn even more can invest in the tourism sector and receive a subsidy of around 30,000 euros if they open a new hotel, B&B or hostel.

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