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Hotel Goldener Berg: Selfcare in Oberlech

Experience sustainable health, alkaline fasting and the oneness of body and mind in Vorarlberg!

1 October 2021

You don't really need a reason to take some well-deserved time off from the daily grind. But if you are looking for one: After a stressful period, nothing is more suitable to recharge your batteries than a visit to the Alps! Like at the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech in Vorarlberg. Because here mindfulness and consciousness are combined.

Mountain Selfcare at the Energy Mountain

For more than 25 years now, hotelier Daniela Pfefferkorn has been engaged in conscious living. She grew up in the climatic health resort of Oberlech am Arlberg and was already fascinated by exercise as a child, while her mother soon taught her to eat healthily. In early adulthood she became enthusiastic about mindfulness, conscious living and finally energy work. A knowledge acquired over many years, which she shares today with the guests, friends and visitors of the Golden Mountain. 

Guests of the hotel are rewarded with a dreamlike view! Credit: Hotel Goldener Berg

Movement and awareness are the first two pillars of the new Mountain Selfcare programme. But if you want to shine on the outside, you also have to give attention to your inner self. In the Golden Mountain this happens in two ways: The chef takes care of healthy nutrition in the course of his "plant based alpine cuisine". For those who want to go one step further, alkaline fasting is highly recommended.

Alkaline fasting in Oberlech

The aim of alkaline fasting is to deacidify the body in order to bring it back into balance, strengthen the immune system and recharge your batteries. And great therapists, energy workers, coaches, yogis and self-care carers take care of the harmony of body and mind on site.

In October, the hotel again invites you to a round of basic fasting. Credit: Hotel Goldener Berg

The hotel still offers two package deals for basic fasting in October. Once from 24.10. to 31.10. and once from 30.10. to 07.11. You can find the offers here..

"Alpine bathing" in the Golden Mountain

The trend of forest bathing, where you consciously perceive the lush green of the trees and the smell and sounds of nature, has been going on for a long time. But did you know that there is also such a thing as "alpine bathing"? At least in the Golden Mountain. The deep breath of fresh mountain air, the pleasant stride through the path of the senses, the mindful wandering across the lush green alpine meadows. Endorphins are released endlessly, the mind returns to the essentials and the blood really gets going.

"Alpine bathing" is emphasized in Oberlech! Credit: Hotel Goldener Berg

Guests of the hotel also have the opportunity to meditate, take a trip into the mountains, rent e-bikes, go golfing or simply relax in the Alpine Spa to regain their strength.

Hotel Goldener Berg

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