Affordable luxury: How to plan your dream holiday

Luxury travel doesn't always have to be unaffordable. With a few tips, you can experience an unforgettable vacation without breaking the bank.

3 December 2020

And yes, they do exist: Ways to enjoy the luxury max on vacation on any budget. With these tips you can afford more luxury on vacation:

Activate search radar

There are now numerous apps in which you can activate your preferences. This way, you are immediately informed as soon as a special deal for your dream destination or desired luxury resort is available. Tip: Also like to select nearby neighboring locations as a departure point, these can often be cheaper.

Set the alarm and discover luxury bargains.

Be flexible

The more spontaneous you are, the better bargains you can get. Especially in the low season you can save on travel and accommodation. Plus: If you choose untypical arrival and departure days, you can often save a lot here.

Organize transport

Especially with the transport you can save a lot. Here too, the early booking trick applies: check tickets and rental car before departure. This way you can arrive stress-free and relaxed. Even during your holiday you should use public transport - that way you feel like a local.

If you take care of the transport in time, you can save money.

Free insider tips

Speaking of locals, just because you want luxury doesn't mean you have to miss out on cool things to do. Almost everywhere you go, free tours with locals are offered - and they're happy to share their local knowledge and give away hot insider tips. Local apps also provide information about new hotspots and current events. Even on holiday, talking brings people together.

The best tips always come from the locals.

Save accommodation

Ever thought of house sitting? A great way to spend your holiday in a luxury villa and pay nothing for it! On platforms like "House Carers" or "Mind my House" you can register and apply. The practical thing: If you are looking for house sitters for your own home, you can also find them here.

Luxury accommodation that costs nothing? House Sitting makes it possible.

Picture credits: Jared Rice, Bruce Amrs, Erik Mclean, Andrei Catanha / via Unsplash

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