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These Art Installations Astonish World Cup Visitors in Qatar

Posts of Qatar: Ten art installations from around the world frame the country's major landmarks to kick off the World Cup.

November 15, 2022

As part of the upcoming Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar Tourism has unveiled the temporary live art experience "Posts of Qatar." The ten distinctive art installations in the shape of goalposts adorn the breathtaking views of selected landmarks in the fascinating country and serve as a panoramic frame for the perfect souvenir photo. None other than former football star David Beckham had his picture taken in front of the Lusail City Marina for the inauguration of the project.

David Beckham in Katar

David Beckham is one of the first to pose in front of the goal post outside Lusail City Marina © Qatar Tourism

Art brings nations together

Each of the "Posts of Qatar" installations was individually designed by one or two artists. Two of the eight artistic goalposts were designed by local artists, while artists from winning nations of recent years were commissioned for the others. Among them are England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Posts of Qatar 

This Nations of the World goalpost by Abdulaziz Yousef adorns Flag Plaza. © Qatar Tourism

The designs reflect elements of each country of origin as well as aspects of the host nation's extensive cultural heritage. This successful fusion of nations is a nod to that important role that soccer can play in bringing together cultures from around the world.

More information about each installation, artist and landmark can be found using QR codes on site or on the Visit Qatar website.

From the cold winter to the blooming desert

As one of the hottest and driest countries in the world, located in the heart of the Middle East, the Qatar Peninsula is a pleasant change from the cold gray winter in Europe. With temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees in summer months, the World Cup was postponed to November and December, where temperatures still resemble those of a hot summer day in Austria.

Doha Qatar

Qatar beckons with fantastically warm temperatures even in the winter months. © Shutterstock

Although Qatar largely consists of breathtakingly beautiful desert landscapes, the colorful flora and fauna attract migratory birds from all over the world to the enchanting parks in winter months, which become spectacular observation sites. Numerous fine sandy beaches allow for sunbathing, kite surfing and jet skiing in the warm Persian Gulf.

Katar Wüste

The vast desert landscapes inspire visitors from near and far. © Shutterstock

Rich culture in abundance

With one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, the Qataris spared no expense on prestigious art and cultural projects. As a result, many new museums and galleries have sprung up, especially in the capital Doha. From modern architectural masterpieces, such as the Museum of Islamic Art or the National Museum of Qatar, to impressive mosques, the country offers a diverse range of sights to explore.

Posts of Qatar – Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 

"Harmony Shining Through The Rose" – Germany's goal post was designed by KEF! and can be seen at West Bay Beach. © Qatar Tourism

As a multicultural city, Doha offers a wide variety of cuisine at traditional and international restaurants. From authentic street food to luxurious fine dining hotspots, you'll encounter an abundance of freshly prepared fish, shawarma and hummus. With visa-free entry for visitors from over 95 countries, nothing stands in the way of an exciting vacation filled with soccer fever and impressive cultural offerings.

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