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Mark Smith

This was the 3rd Medical Wellness Congress

The 3rd Medical Wellness Congress 2024 at St. Martins Lodge & Spa Hotel was a resounding success, providing a stage for lively discussion on the theme, "Vitality - the Key to Longevity".

April 23, 2024

Mark Smith

The 3rd Medical Wellness Congress was held amid universal acclaim from April 8 to 9 at the St. Martins Spa & Lodge in Frauenkirchen, Austria. The tranquil ambience of the Seewinkel formed the ideal backdrop for the theme, "Vitality - the Key to Longevity." to be extensively covered. Overall, wellness professionals from 23 countries came to exchange their thoughts and expertise on spas, wellness resorts, medi-spas and other aspects of their sector as part of a remarkable program.

"It was a very positive edition, confirming the important role of MWC not only in being an excellent forum to share the know-how and lessons learned of leading experts in the field of wellness and longevity, but also as a powerful platform of networking and connecting the key players of the sector" as the organizers Vladi Kovanic, founder of Forum HOTel&SPA, and Pradip Bala, Managing Director of Health and Beauty France, explained.

Longevity and health in old age

Mark Smith

The 3rd Medical Wellness Congress was opened by architect Hadi Teherani, who took participants on a virtual tour of some of his latest projects. Next, The Longevity Center presented its assessment & recommendation methods based on three pillars: physical, mental and emotional health. This was followed by a discussion on improving sleep quality through digital tools, the health benefits of high-dose vitamin C infusions and the revenue potential of infusion therapies. Finally, there was a case study on the integration of medical spa services into existing luxury hotels, which was met with general applause.

Mark Smith

There were also several stimulating panel discussions. The topics ranged from "Radiant Wellness Through Heat, Light, and Salt" to "Integrating Ancient Energy Healing with Modern Touchless Wellness Technology" - both sponsored by the US delegation led by Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa & Wellness Operations at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Or "The Integration of Touch and Technology in the Longevity Wellness Journey", which was sponsored and moderated by the Gharieni Group.

Among the many international representatives at the 3rd Medical Wellness Congress were: Hadi Teherani, renowned architect and designer of the ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof; Joanna Bensz, CEO of the Longevity Center; Hans Peter Veit, Director of Spa at Appenzeller Huus, Tom Middleton, co-founder & production partner of White Mirror, Dr. Monika Fuchs, Vice President & founding member of the Austrian Society for Mesotherapy, Professor David Della Morte Canosci, Medical Director at the Palazzo Fiuggi, Hannes Illmer, co-owner of the Villa Eden*****L – The Private Retreat; and Christine Clinton, founder of Clinton Cancer Care & Wellness for Life!.

Read more: mwcongress.com

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