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The Art of Performance: glamorous debut at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The new exhibition "The Art of Performance" celebrates the long-standing collaboration between Swarovski and Hollywood's greatest entertainers and artists. A must-visit for all Hollywood fans.

1 December 2021

With their new exhibition "The Art of Performance", the Swarovski Crystal Worlds bring the glamour of Hollywood to the "giant" in Wattens. Fashion designer Michael Schmidt and multi-award-winning set designer Derek McLane are responsible for the installation.

Sparkling costumes and exhibits as far as the eye can see. ©Swarovski Crystal Worlds


Over the past decades, Swarovski's collaborations with world-renowned brands and artists have shaped not only the international entertainment industry, but also sporting and cultural events. "From Dorothy's ruby red shoes in The Wizard of Oz to Michael Jackson's glove and Simone Bile's gold medal winning outfits, Swarovski crystals always add that extra sparkle," designer Michael Schmidt enthusiastically says about the project.

Swarovski's artistic creations in collaboration with top international brands are a real eye-catcher. ©Swarovski Crystal Worlds


Showcased alongside original outfits from Cher, Elton John and Dita Von Teese will be a replica of Marlene Dietrich's outfit from the 1932 film Blonde Venus - incidentally, the very first time Swarovski was seen on the big screen - and Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday" dress from John F. Kennedy's legendary birthday dinner, as well as Katy Perry's 2019 Met Gala chandelier dress from Moschino.

Marilyn Monroe once caused a sensation at John F. Kennedy's birthday dinner in this dress. ©Swarovski Crystal Worlds


"Swarovski crystals magically bathe stage lights in a fascinating and brilliant atmosphere. The Crystal Dome of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds inspired one of my set designs for the Oscars back then. Now I am very happy that I was allowed to design a stage for this new chamber of wonders, which brings Hollywood to the Austrian Alps", designer Derek McLane is enthusiastic about the project. 

"The Art of Performance" now completes the glittering world of the crystal giant in Wattens and, after the lockdown, is waiting, on a daily basis, for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the sparkling world of Swarovski.

From "Rocket Man" to Michael Jackson's glove - the exhibits are true highlights for fans of pop culture. ©Swarovski Crystal Worlds

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