Despite the pandemic: You are currently allowed to travel here

An overview of all those countries that you can travel to from Austria from a current perspective.

3 December 2020

San Marino

San Marino is the oldest republic in the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even in winter, the historic place is worth a visit. At temperatures of up to ten degrees, the charming corners of the dwarf state can be explored perfectly. Visiting the impressive forts is a must, as are the picturesque views of the beautiful green landscape they offer. Entry into the country is unrestricted, provided there have been no problems entering Italy. However, distance rules apply throughout the republic, as well as the wearing of a mouth-nose protection.

San Marino scores in every season.

Canary Islands

If you want to escape the gloomy winter weather, then head for the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean captivate with miles of golden, red and black sand beaches and promise a recreation of the special class. Because with temperatures of up to 23 degrees in December and a nature reserve with volcanic landscapes and spectacular waterfalls, as well as cliffs that will make you marvel, you will feel as if you are in another world. Still, to get back to reality a bit: Due to the Corona pandemic, certain measures also apply in the Canary Islands. In addition to a negative PCR-test,entrants from Austria must also download and activate the Spanish COVID-19 contact tracing app "Radar COVID". The wearing of a mouth-nose protection is mandatory.

Enjoy the sea and the landscape at a distance.


Portugal is also a popular and beautiful destination, especially during the winter months. If you can do without a trip to Lisbon and Norte, which may not be visited for tourist purposes due to the current situation, then pack your bags and off you go! Because other regions of Portugal have a lot to offer as well. The Portuguese mainland for example. Mild climate, many hours of sunshine and a varied flora speak for the places in the interior. For adventurers there is a lot to discover on the Azores. Hikes, sailing trips and plenty of outdoor activities make for an active holiday. Temperatures very rarely drop below the 13 degree mark. Madeira is also the perfect place to escape the stressful everyday life. The so-called flower island enchants with a mixture of beach, sea and mountains. The numerous banana trees, sugar cane plants, forests of eucalyptus, as well as laurel trees and the moor in the highlands mixed with the mystical winter fog, are unique photo motifs. However, anyone travelling to the Azores or Madeira must present a negative PCR test on arrival. The following also applies to the whole of Portugal: a mouth-nose protection must be worn in all public places.

Old town charm and mild climate: a combination that makes you happy.


The Italian joie de vivre is probably something many are craving right now. Whatever the season, Bella Italia is always worth a visit. The current situation doesn't exactly improve wanderlust and even though parts of Italy are considered risk areas, other regions including Veneto, Liguria, Sicily and Sardinia can still be visited. While Veneto impresses with great hiking tours especially in winter, there seems to be no winter in Liguria. Due to the mild temperatures, one can swim in the sea almost all year round. The same is also true for Sicily. Even in winter the temperatures can climb up to 23 degrees. So nothing stands in the way of an exciting city trip, cooling off in the sea or an impressive visit to the volcano Etna. Sardinia also promises variety. While the temperatures in the south rise up to 15 degrees even in winter, it can get icy cold in the north, especially on the mountains. Nevertheless, the island promises pure relaxation. As there is not much to see from tourists during the winter months. Thus, one has enough time to explore the coast or also the interior of Sardinia in peace. In the whole country, it is valid to wear a mouth-nose-protection and curfews between 22:00 o'clock and 05:00 o'clock.

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations. Who is surprised at this sight?

Picture credits: Lorenzo Castagnone, Alev Takil, Robenson Gassant, Mika Korhonen / via Unsplash

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