Virtual Reality bei Emirates
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Virtual Reality at Emirates: Flight experience on the ground

The airline's award-winning and industry-leading VR offering enables a new way to prepare for travel.

16 September 2021

Emirates connects people and places around the world. In the future, the Dubai-based airline will additionally link four-dimensional travel experiences even more closely with real ones. Thanks to a new virtual reality app, interested parties can experience many aspects of a travel with Emirates from the comfort of the ground with the help of VR glasses. 

More than a virtual tour

Back in 2018, Emirates became the first airline in the world to introduce advanced web-based virtual reality technology on its digital platforms. Even then, customers had the opportunity to get to know the airline's offerings digitally. For example, on PCs, mobile devices or in the Emirates app, people could view 360-degree views of the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 cabin interiors, view seats and also book them directly in the 3D environment. Now they've invested again. Virtual Reality at Emirates - it's now more than just a virtual tour. Users can access a true-to-life and interactive cabin experience on board the Emirates flagships A380 and Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger.

The Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger can now be experienced virtually. © Emirates

Using navigation hotspots, they can navigate the economy, business and first class cabins, explore their seat and visit the unique onboard lounge and spa shower on the Emirates A380. All you need are a pair of VR goggles from Oculus and the app, both of which are available on . But that is by no means all. Emirates plans to make it possible to experience destinations from the comfort of your own home in the future. In addition, travel options are to be selected and Emirates flights can be booked and paid for via the Oculus VR app.

Some experiences are better enjoyed in real life rather than virtual reality. © Emirates

The company is justifiably proud of Emirates' virtual reality achievements to date. "This initiative extends our global reach and ability to connect with our target audiences through digital platforms. It is also particularly relevant right now as many people have not travelled for some time due to the pandemic and are looking for inspiration," said Boutros Boutros, divisional senior vice president, corporate communications, marketing and brand at Emirates.

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