Winter 2021 Skiurlaub in Österreich
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Winter 2021: Skiing holidays in Austria with the 2G rule

Since 7 November it is a done deal: in Austria the 2G rule comes into force on 8.11.2021. But what does that mean for skiing holidays in Austria in winter 2021?

7 November 2021

The Austrian government has now declared the 2G rule for the entire country. This means that only those who have either been vaccinated or have recovered are allowed to go to restaurants, to services close to the body, to the theatre and to events. In all commerce and on public transportation, the FFP2 mask is mandatory. But what does this mean for the winter of 2021 and skiing holidays in Austria?

2G on skiing holiday in Austria: the entry

The Austrian borders are still open, tourist travel is therefore possible. For entry, only proof within the framework of the 3G rule is still necessary. This means that anyone who can prove by a molecular biological test (e.g. PCR test) or antigen test that they are healthy, have both vaccination doses or have recovered from an infection may enter the country. PCR tests are valid for 72 hours, antigen tests for 48 hours and self-tests for 24 hours.

The 2G rule applies on cable cars, in restaurants and in catering. © Unsplash

Where the 2G rule now applies in Austria

  • Hotels, apartments and other accommodation establishments
  • Gastronomy (huts, restaurants, bars ...)
  • Recreational and sporting activities
  • Cultural institutions
  •  Ropeways
  • Body-related services (hairdresser, massage)
  • Events from 25 persons

Quick and PCR tests are no longer valid. The measures are drastic, but the aim is to avoid having to write off an entire season, as was the case last year. "Better a safe season than no season at all" is the motto, as Susanne Kraus-Winkler said. She is the hotel industry spokeswoman in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, it makes one confident that in a survey about 80 percent of those people who are interested in a skiing holiday in Austria stated that they had already been vaccinated. Important: FFP2 masks are mandatory in the gondola and on the lift.

Fully vaccinated people should expect only a few restrictions. © Unsplash

Note the validity of the vaccination!

However, even vaccinated guests should take a look at their vaccination certificate in good time before their skiing holiday in Austria in winter 2021. Because, after the second shot, the vaccination certificate is only valid for 9 months, then a booster is necessary. There is a transitional period of four weeks for those who only have one vaccination. They can go to hotels, restaurants or skiing with a negative PCR test and proof of first vaccination until December 6, 2021. The 2G rules do not apply to children, currently they are working on a workable solution for adolescents.

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