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The Falstaff evaluation scheme is divided into 6 categories, with a maximum score of 100. Each category has its own criteria:


Your impression in detail:

AMBIENTE (weighting 10 points)
When assessing the ambience, atmosphere, furnishings and interior design of a hotel as well as the outdoor area, the focus is on the subjective perception of the guest. In contrast, aspects such as furniture, decoration, floral arrangements and texture can be assessed objectively.

ROOMS & SUITES (weighting 20 points)
Here, in addition to the living / sleeping area, the sanitary areas and a possible balcony must be considered. Aspects such as room layout, decoration, cleanliness and equipment with utensils of daily use should also be included in the evaluation.

WELLNESS (weighting 15 points)
In addition to the facilities offered, such as saunas, steam baths, indoor and outdoor pools, spa treatments, fitness, etc., the condition should also be considered in this evaluation category.

SERVICE (weighting 15 points)
Is the service generally friendly and unobtrusive? Is there enough staff, or do the service employees seem overworked? Is the staff competent and trained? Do the individual services happen automatically, or do they have to be requested first? How do staff respond to special requests? How do they react to complaints?

CULINARY (weighting 20 points)
The evaluation results from the following areas:

  • Are there relevant ratings for the culinary arts? (Falstaff forks, Gault Millau hoods, Michelin stars, etc.)
  • Number of restaurants / bars in the house
    What culinary options are offered to you in the house.
  • Drinks and food offer
    How extensive is the selection of food and drinks. Does the hotel serve ala card, or is there a (breakfast) buffet. Does the hotel offer an extensive selection of drinks, or even its own wine cellar?
  • Quality
    Visual impression, freshness, quality and regionality of the products count here: Is the offer a coherent composition of delicacies, or are there simply different dishes on the menu? Are selected specialities from the region served, or is there no awareness of special quality products? Generally speaking, freshly prepared dishes should be rated higher than dishes that look like they were prepared some time ago or come from a bulk pack.

LOCATION & SURROUNDINGS (weighting 20 points)
Here, too, the subjective feeling of the guest is in the foreground. The personal demand and to what extent the location of the hotel can fulfill this is to be evaluated. In addition, it should be considered what the immediate surroundings of the hotel have to offer and how coherently the hotel concept fits in here.

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