You won't get wanderlust at these holiday resorts in Austria

Who needs sand and sea when you can have lakes and mountains?

3 December 2020

Wanderlust? Understandable! But not necessarily, because Austria also has magical places with dreamlike backdrops that are in no way inferior to international destinations! Whether summer or winter, these settings inspire with their unique flair.

Podersdorf on the lake

If you want to spend your holiday on the coast, you can also enjoy your time in the Burgenland municipality of Podersdorf am See. The lighthouse and the view of Lake Neusiedl are reminiscent of beautiful places in Australia or the North Sea. To cool off in summer, all you need to do is jump into the lake, the colour of which is reminiscent of a muddy peeling in Iceland's geysers. Also in winter, the magical place with the lighthouses shows its best side and almost seems like a short trip to Sylt.

Unforgettable sunsets at the Neusiedlersee in Podersdorf.

Krimml Waterfalls

Fancy a kitschy, beautiful winter feeling? The Krimml Waterfalls in Salzburg are also perfect for a hike in the cold season and impress above all with their unique natural scenery. With a drop of 380 meters, the Krimml Waterfalls are among the most spectacular in the world and thus fit easily into a row with the Niagara Falls.

Spectacular impressions of the Krimml Waterfalls.

Green Lake

Caribbean feeling in summer, mystical romance in winter: The Green Lake in Styria has a lot to offer at any time of the year. There you can take a relaxing break and be impressed by the view of the mountains. The lake shows its best side after the snow melts from the surrounding mountains. Because then the water level rises and turns a unique emerald green.

A natural spectacle in every season: The Green Lake.

South Styria

This picturesque part of Styria is also known as Styrian Tuscany. Why drive for hours to Italy, when you can also be spoiled with culinary delights in your own country? Amidst the imposing vineyards that wind through the winding landscape, there are countless Buschenschänke just waiting to offer their specially produced food and wine. Whether in summer or autumn, where the vines shimmer red and gold, a toast is made to the joys of life.

Italian flair in the middle of southern Styria.

Capuchin Island in Lake Wörthersee

It is undisputed that a visit to the Carinthian Wörthersee is like a holiday on the Côte d'Azur. The blue-green shimmering water and the noble localities remind of a trip to Saint-Tropez. Those who want to enjoy their undisturbed peace and quiet, a little away from the hustle and bustle, should head for the small Kapuzinerinsel (Capuchin Island), which is located in the middle of Lake Wörthersee. How you get to the island is up to you. Whether with a small boat, a stand-up paddle or - with a lot of stamina - on an air mattress. Even in winter, the lake offers a wonderful view of the small island.

The Caribbean, the Maldives or the Côte d'Azur? It's the beautiful Wörthersee in Carinthia.

National Park Thayatal in Lower Austria

A view of the imposing valley landscape of the national park in Lower Austria is indisputably reminiscent of the peaceful fjords of Norway. Rounding out the natural spectacle in Austria are impressive rock formations, dense deciduous forests and a wilderness just waiting to be discovered. The European wildcat, for example, has chosen the place crisscrossed by the eponymous river Thaya as its home. But crabs, rare beetle species and the green lizard also feel right at home in Lower Austria.

The unique wildlife in the National Park Thayatal.

Picture Credits: Karl Egger / Pixabay, milesz / Pixabay, Michael Haderer / Pixabay, Monika Tockner / Pixabay, Bruno Germany / Pixabay, jary novak / Pixabay

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