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Best of Spa Brands

Especially in winter our body needs a good care ritual. With these brands only the best comes on the skin!

January 6, 2022

Cold temperatures outside and heated air in our own four walls - in winter we stress our skin every day. That is precisely why it is important to maintain a suitable care ritual during the cold season. Falstaff TRAVEL looks behind the scenes of two top spa brands and asked the CEOs of Dr. Barbara Sturm and Biologique Recherche for an interview!

Dr. Barbara Sturm

The hype

Hollywood stars and influencers love the care of Dr. Barbara Sturm, but the brand and the person behind it are much more reality than appearance.

Your line is frenetically celebrated on social networks. How come?

My products get into the hands of the right people. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I've done a lot of pop-ups at places like Fashion Weeks. But no one gets paid for it. That wouldn't be authentic. I work so hard and so much, I can't afford to do something that wouldn't feel good. Instead, I try to convince people of my concept, host Skin Schools, give talks, and inform, inform, inform.

Don't we already know everything about skincare?

We need to move away from aggressive ingredients and the idea of a "quick fix". The skin barrier function is essential in skin care and already exposed to many things without over-care: Bacteria, viruses, phone lights etc.

But that can't be the secret of your success yet, can it?

One reason is that I don't have the wrong motivation: I'm interested in every single patient. Everyone who asks me a question on Instagram gets an answer. Because first and foremost I'm a doctor, and as a doctor I'm focused on serving. I see my customers as my patients. It's all about service to the patient. On the other hand, the most important thing is that the products work - for everyone. And that no one suffers any damage to their skin as a result.

Today, you're regularly called a Hollywood doc ...

I actually come from orthopedics, did research in Germany and then transferred my research into aesthetics. I developed my first own cream, which was totally in demand, and so one thing led to another. The first cream also created a hype, the so-called "blood cream" is very exclusive because you have to take the patient's own blood for it, but also super effective. Meanwhile, my product range is very large, because I want to offer a solution to everyone who comes to me with a problem.

Is there also a men's line?

Of course not! All products are unisex, everything else is a marketing stunt as is unfortunately common for so many brands. But because we've already talked so much about Hollywood: Johnny Depp loves our products (laughs).

One last question: Where is the beauty world headed?

I don't know, I live in my own world. We work very scientifically and listen to our patients. That is perhaps the greatest art: You have to be able to listen really well.


On the road to success: It all began with "Blood Cream," and today Dr. Barbara Sturm has her own spas in London, New York and Los Angeles. ©Dr Sturm

Biologique Recherche

The insider

In France, Biologique Recherche's home country, the brand has long been a cult, but in this country it is often only known to insiders. A look behind the scenes with CEO Rupert Schmied.

How do you explain the brand to someone who has never heard of it?

Each of us is unique - so is our skin, which on top of that is exposed to constant changes, keywords: pollution, stress, etc.. We call this "Skin Instant" and offer only customized, personalized treatments and products. For healthier skin with visible effects. We are a treatment system in spas.

The brand has now been around for over 40 years and has been very successful. Why is it still considered an insider tip today?

The products can not simply be ordered. A consultation with our doctors or therapists is a prerequisite.

Biologique Recherche is offered in the best spas in the world, which ones do you like to name in particular?

We currently have a presence in more than 1,500 spas in over 80 countries around the world. These include secluded island resorts, as well as spas overlooking the Hong Kong and New York skylines. The key to the quality of our treatments is the relationship the guest builds with the therapist. That's why we train our therapists around the world on a continuous basis and subject the spas to regular checks. Our therapists are distinguished by their passion; they are true skin experts and international wellness ambassadors.

Are there signature treatments?

No! Why? Because every treatment is unique and 100 percent personalized. The only thing we offer the same everywhere is time and expertise.

The product range is phenomenally large!

We do not believe in marketing and dreams, but in care that specifically addresses skin issues. To do this, we need over 100 different products for the face alone. Our research teams work exclusively on a solution-oriented basis: There is no price targeting or anything like that.

Which products are exemplary for the brand?

P50, Masque Vivant and Grand Crème are often referred to as our icons.

What might be surprising about Biologique Recherche?

The packaging is minimalist and some fragrances take some getting used to because we don't add perfumes. There are only pure, active ingredients. To understand us, you need to know: beauty is only one aspect of wellness. Our humble desire is to offer excellence in beauty for holistic wellness.


Beautiful on all levels: The in-house spa on the Champs-Élysées in Paris is state of the art in all areas. ©Biologique Recherche, Yuan Jianmin

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2020.

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