Culinary Retreats
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Are Culinary Retreats the Latest Vacation Trend?

Cooking is meaningful, healthy and unifying. It's no wonder that culinary retreats are trending and are becoming increasingly popular.

November 13, 2023

Cooking class - at first glance, this doesn't sound like a particularly innovative concept. After all, most of us have already learned how to get pasta al dente at school. But cooking is so much more. For many people, it's an activity that they pursue with great passion. In fact, the preparation of food and its ingredients is becoming increasingly important. It's therefore no coincidence that culinary retreats are establishing themselves as a vacation trend. But what can they do?

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Conscious confrontation

Cooking has a positive effect on body and mind in many ways. After all, if you work with fresh food, search for high-quality ingredients and put a lot of love into preparing your food, you're consciously dealing with what you are putting into your body. The result is a healthier diet and you also gain a lot of knowledge. Cooking is also fun and a meaningful activity. Cooking together also promotes connection with other people.

Fulvio Pierangelini, © Rocco Forte Hotels

So why do we need culinary retreats for this? They give guests the opportunity to devote themselves entirely to the topic. Depending on where the retreat takes place, you can expand your repertoire with exotic ingredients and preparation methods. Your palate is trained and you gain deep insights into the world of cooking. Of course, you can immerse yourself even more intensively in this world if you book a culinary break with a star chef.

Cooking with Fulvio Pierangelini

Fulvio Pierangelini is no stranger to the world of top cuisine. He initially worked as an unskilled laborer, night porter and sailing instructor before discovering his love of cooking. Pierangelini initially worked in the kitchen of Roger Vergé's restaurant on the Côte d'Azur. In 1980, he finally took over a small harbor restaurant, the Il Gambero Rosso. Fast forward to 2008: the Gambero Rosso has two Michelin stars.

Culinary Retreats

Fulvio Pierangelini, © Rocco Forte Hotels

The restaurant no longer exists, but Fulvio Pierangelini is still one of the best chefs in Italy. He has been Creative Director of Food at Rocco Forte Hotels since 2009. And as such, he has revolutionized the brand's culinary offering. Now, cooking enthusiasts can go on a culinary journey of discovery at culinary retreats designed by him. Another special feature is the fusion of culture and indulgence: The retreats take place in Italy's most famous regions.

Culinary retreats in Italy

Southern Sicily

Participants experience authentic Sicilian cooking traditions on this retreat. You'll come into contact with products and ingredients on the farm, learn how to make Sicilian preserves, attend a cheese-making course and experience an exclusive wine bottling.

Verdura Resort
Autumn 2023
4 nights from € 3,720
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Truffles & Friends in Tuscany

The highlight of the trip is a truffle hunt accompanied by the truffle concierge from the Hotel Savoy. There's a lunch with the freshly harvested tubers, a tour of Palazzo Gondi, a wine course and a pasta course.

Hotel Savoy
29.11. - 3.12.2024
4 nights, from € 1.235
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The cuisine of Palermo

A symphony of taste and art is unleashed in Capo and Ballaro during market tours, a visit to the Massimo Theater and a guided tour of Villa Chiaramonte. Aristocratic recipes from the Gattopardo era are on the menu, as is the art of blending wine.

Villa Igiea
Spring 2024
4 nights
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The search for gold in Apulia

For three days, guests experience Apulian gastronomy and culture. Fishing boat tours, a private lunch in an olive grove and exploring Alberobello are just a few of the highlights.

Masseria Torre Maizza
Autumn 2024
4 nights
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