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These are the best European cities for a Workation

Work in a relaxed way and discover other cultures at the same time. A perfect win-win situation!

4 October 2021

For most people, a work assignment means broadening their horizons: discovering new landscapes and cities, immersing themselves intensively in the culture of the country and developing personally. And at the same time, working in a relaxed home office. Everyone has a few goals on their bucket list that are worth considering for a work placement.

Holidu, a search engine for holiday homes, publishes the best cities for a workation in Europe. Factors such as the cost of an apartment, internet speed, average sunshine duration, "Instagrammability", the number of well-rated activities in the city and the average price of a cappuccino or after-work drink were analysed.


1. lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful and vibrant metropolises in Europe, with stunning architecture, hip neighbourhoods, the world-famous dessert 'Pastel de Nata' and the traditional sounds of Fado. Workation fans can relax on the many beaches outside the city limits, perfect for an early morning or late afternoon dip, with a taxi ride costing the equivalent of just €0.47 per kilometre.

Especially the beaches very close to the metropolis, make the city a perfect workation destination! Credit: Pixabay

2. barcelona

Spain's second-largest city scores particularly well in the "Instagrammability" category, with over 62 million posts on the hashtag Barcelona. This is partly due to the unique buildings such as the Sagrada Familia or the Park Güell by architect Antoni Gaudí. In addition, there are 2,737 activities that delight visitors and have been rated at least 4 stars. There are several co-working spaces here, in Europe only London and Paris have more. The internet speed of 37 Mbps is impressive, especially considering that Barcelona is home to more than five million people.

Barcelona is teeming with co-working spaces. Perfect to work from. Credit: Unsplash

3. Budapest

Hungary's capital city offers fewer co-working spaces, sunshine hours and sights than Lisbon and Barcelona, but Budapest does well in terms of sightseeing and cost of living. If you fancy a creamy cappuccino before work, you'll pay just €1.40 on average. Housing is also cheaper compared to other European cities, with the cost of a one-bedroom apartment averaging just €428 per month.

The cost of living in the Hungarian capital is truly unbeatable. Credit: Zczillinger / Flickr

4. madrid

Professionals who are moving the home office abroad are in good hands in Madrid. Although the cost of living in the Spanish capital is significantly higher than in some other places, Madrid boasts over 2,700 hours of sunshine and an extensive selection of sights and activities. If the concentration in the rented apartment should weaken, there are 125 co-working spaces where you can relocate to one of the shared offices. 

Nothing beats vitamin D! Madrid stands out due to its countless hours of sunshine. Credit: Unsplash

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