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These Are the Top Travel Trends 2023

From the Wild West to the Metaverse - this is how we travel in 2023

May 18, 2023

This year, we're traveling to the filming locations of our favorite series, making a stop in the Wild West and heading into the Metaverse. This year's travel trends also include education, sleep and authentic experiences.

Transformative Retreats


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The pandemic has made it crystal clear how important mental health and a good relationship with ourselves are. It has also motivated us to change negative things and say goodbye to bad habits. If you'd like to reinvent yourself or explore your emotional world more deeply, you can go on a life-changing retreat this year.


  • The retreat Kamalaya on Koh Samui is considered one of the best in the world
  • A transformation of body and mind awaits at The Ranch Italy
  • You can find your own path to wellness at the Potato Head in Bali


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With Oscar-nominated films like The Power of the Dog and hit series like Yellowstone, the Western genre has celebrated a brilliant comeback in recent years. But the fascination with cowboys isn't limited to the screen - while on vacation more and more people are turning their backs on the city and are enjoying the natural pleasures of a ranch. In the middle of nowhere, you spend your days riding horses, exploring the vastness of the area, and get to listen to the songs of the prairie around the campfire in the evening. Whether you want to lend a hand on the farm and help with the work or prefer to relax in the spa is up to you. One thing is for sure: country life and luxury don't have to be a contradiction in terms, even in the Wild West.


  • From cozy cabins to glamping to a luxury lodge, it's all here in The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana
  • Adventurous cowboy life can be as luxurious as it is at "Brush Creek Ranch" - spa included!
  • With activities for the whole family, the C Lazy U Ranch has been the best visitor ranch in Colorado for over 100 years

Travel with a concierge

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The dream of an individual vacation without having to lift a finger yourself? Travel concierges make it possible: they organize tickets for the best exhibitions, make reservations at the hottest restaurants, plan excursions with exclusive insider tips - and are also available around the clock for any other request. Now, there are dedicated travel concierge agencies that plan a trip from start to finish; all travel bureaucracy included. But hotels have also recognized the trend and provide such concierges for guests now.


  • The luxurious hotel brand Rocco Forte makes (almost) all wishes come true
  • The experienced team at Berglez creates personalized experiences for every taste
  • Luxury agency Meryts plans customized trips

Educational Travel


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After a two-year hiatus, more and more travelers are yearning not only to see the world but also to understand it better: from a country's specific architecture to social customs and great works of art history, educational travel is very much on the agenda in 2023.


  • A two-week trip with Japan Experience offers priceless insights into the art and culture of the Far Eastern country
  • Louis XIII began building in Versailles 400 years ago - exciting tours are offered here today
  • In Athens, you can embark on unique time travels through the ancient Greece go to

Hybrid Trips


From one destination to the next, but with respect for the environment: under that motto, this trend was born, using the full range of means of transport. Train travel is particularly popular: by train, you travel from one city to the next - or, after arriving by train, you rent a car and drive along the coast. This way, you not only travel more sustainably, but also experience unique adventures along the way and get to know the world from a different perspective.


  • The classy 1950s British Pullman takes passengers on a train journey through England.
  • With a noble sleigh (maybe a convertible) of Driverso also a Roadtrip becomes a luxury journey
  • With the Eurostar from Paris to London in less than two and a half hours - that's how efficient a train ride can be

Mega Yachts


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What to do when you've already reached the highest level of sophistication on land? Set sail and set new standards for luxurious experiences! That's exactly what some of the world's best hotel brands have been doing lately. Cruise enthusiasts have reason to rejoice, because when Four Seasons and Co travel the oceans, the best is just about good enough.


  • Amandira, the flagship sailing yacht from Aman, explores Indonesia's Flores Sea with just five noble cabins
  • The growing Yacht Collection from Ritz Carlton is already exceeding all expectations
  • When the first yachts from Four Seasons embark on their maiden voyages in 2025, maritime luxury will be redefined

Sleep tourism

Reisetrends 2023

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Studies show that our sleep quality is declining year by year - an increasing number of hotels and resorts have made it their goal to change this. In-house sleep doctors, sleep-inducing products and specially designed hotel rooms are designed to remedy the situation and help us dream like if we are in heaven again.


  • The Alchemy of Sleep offer from Rosewood includes massages, yoga and more
  • At the Park Hyatt New York, an AI-controlled bed by Bryte awaits you in the Sleep Suite
  • At London's The Cadogan, a sleep concierge provides sweet dreams

Psychedelic trips


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What stars like Miley Cyrus and Will Smith have long sworn by has become a megatrend - we're talking about luxurious psychedelic retreats that promise mind-expanding experiences with the help of substances like ayahuasca, a traditional South American plant decoction, and psilocybin, which is found in mushrooms. In addition, the spiritual wellbeing ceremonies are said to relax and, in some cases, can even noticeably alleviate mental stresses and disorders by promoting neurogenesis (the formation of nerve cells).


  • With Behold Retreats, you can choose to experience the effects of ayahuasca, psilocybin or 5-MeO-DMT in Costa Rica, Mexico or Portugal
  • You can participate in the scientifically proven psilocybin ceremonies of Beckley Retreats in Jamaica and the Netherlands
  • At the retreat and detox center Root Healing in Portugal, experience the healing powers of iboga, a shrub from the central African nation of Gabon

Futuristic Relaxation

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In the age of innovation, technology has also made its way into wellness and self-care. At the futuristic end of the spectrum, the latest developments are helping people achieve the highest levels of relaxation and beauty. From light therapy to weightlessness to Insomnia healing head massages, more and more wellness enthusiasts are traveling around the world or to the Metaverse to enjoy the most futuristic treatments on the market.


  • The Japanese spa Goku in New York City cures insomnia using futuristic massages
  • In over 13 countries, the Somadome meditation devices with light therapy provide relaxation
  • Via the platform Tripp you can participate in live meditations in the Metaverse via VR glasses


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During the pandemic, television was the best way for many to escape reality and escape into a (more or less) ideal world - so it's no wonder that TV series also influence our travel behavior. This year, the filming locations of popular shows like The White Lotus, Emily in Paris and Game of Thrones are experiencing a huge rush of visitors who want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite characters and live out their most cinematic fantasies on vacation.


  • Both The White Lotus seasons featured Four Seasons homes - on Maui and in Taormina
  • The Croatian port city of Dubrovnik offers its own Game of Thrones tours
  • In Sölden you can go on a secret 007 mission in the mountains: here and in the surrounding area Spectre was filmed - you can stay like James Bond in the hotel Bergland.

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Spring 2023.

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